Does Location matters for Customer Services Call Centre?

Call centre services undoubtedly are growing every year. As business entrepreneurs are already concentrating their efforts on marketing, customer growth, company growth, and gathering information from potential clients and current customers, there should be someone skilled enough to understand your concern on the other line. With rising competition, offering live chats and human connection has become an integral part of call centres. In case you own a company that provide services to the clients all over the world. Now, it is not possible to establish a query department or build an infrastructure in every country or in each state. But to manage each and every employee you need to hire agents who can deal with native as well as international customers. The location of call centres in India and Philippines has long an impact on how well outsourcing companies can provide the services needed. As the industry grows and changes, the impact of locations is changing as well, as you need to take care of the audience you are serving. There are some factors that determine the change in services according to the location:

Offshore vs onshore:

There are some offshore companies that have a lower hourly or per-call rate. So the services and the quality of the customer’s experience often suffers a difference. Conversations may also include cultural differences, language barriers, accent change, and other issues. This can affect the conversation rate both ways. It can be positive for the customers and the company or vice versa. The low conversion rate can decrease the overall revenue and hence the location is not favouring your business.

Tax break:

Location of a call centre can be driven by many factors. One of the main factors is the tax breaks for companies based on their jurisdiction. For local residents who would otherwise suffer from lack of industry and income can now take the leverage of the taxes. Because of the taxes earned, the government had a chance to establish an industry.

Employee opportunities:

The right location of any call centre is greatly affected by the kind of agents that are hired. India call centre agents are customer-centric and focus on delivering quality. Providing the required quality services demands employees with high analytical skills, one who can follow instructions, speak clearly, engage customers and enhance their interest in the services and products.

Therefore, a call centre should be located at the right place where you can get a high amount of traffic and the area is non-problematic zone.

Remote workforce:

Usually, people working from home also create a great impact on the location of the call centre. With the use of wireless communication channels and incorporating virtual receptionist anywhere in the world, without having to exceed the overhead cost and your budget.


While choosing a location to set up your call centres, find a place that simply can increase your audience and hire specialised agents who can convert the audience into fresh leads. Not excluding the fact that call centres in India are driven by many factors, but the two major factors that still dominates is the audience and your agents.

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