Improving the condition of your heart valves

Human heart is scientifically one of the most complicated machines that keeps on pumping throughout the life time. It has in-build four main valves tat offer with different functions:-

1          They help in pumping blood and oxygen to the heart.

2          They help in pumping deoxygenated blood away from the heart.

Apart from this the human heart has a number of other important functions it performs. As the main function of the valves is to keep on pumping for life long so it is important to try and maintain their best health.

Over a period of time or due to other conditions the vales are not able to function normally. In such cases our body often faces failure on account of not functioning properly. There may be numerous factors associated with this condition and one of them is age while others can be our habits or genetics and certain types of fever like Rheumatic.

The moment you have a weak valve it is obvious that he blood would not circulate properly through your body. This would also mean that your body may not function well. You just need to keep in mind that ion most cases and to certain extent the condition can be reversible, if checked on at the right time.

Eat healthy diet

One of the best ways to regulate this condition is to try and maintain a healthy diet plan. Our bad lifestyle can obviously lead to conditions where our valve can get damaged. It is advisable to try and give up smoking completely and reduce intake of alcohol.

Apart from this you also have to ensure that you take a lot of fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. Consuming more of fish products is also healthy for your heart. It is advisable to avoid eating sugar, flaxseed, beans, walnuts, almonds.

Exercise sessions

To help improve and maintain healthy valve condition it is advisable to maintain regular exercise sessions. Exercise simply does not mean that you need to go for heavy weight lifting and gym sessions. Looking at the cost of heart valve surgery cost in India it is advisable to continue with regular aerobics or cardiovascular exercises.

You can also try and implement a few easy exercise sessions like walking, jogging, running, dancing, swimming, or just cycling. Strength training exercises are not important to maintain healthy body.

Avoid rheumatic infection

This is a type of infection that develops as a fever on later stages. The condition is known to have affecting the valves of the heart and the condition is originated from a type of bacteria infection. The condition is not very much avoidable the moment the bacteria infects your body cell. It is advisable to try and visit the doctor the moment you experience sore throat, fever and other such infections. To avoid side effects and long term infections the bacterial condition has to be cured at an early stage.


The habit smoking is associated with weakening your heart and valves. Smoking in general is considered as one of the worst enemies that can kill your heart at a very early stage. It is thus advisable to try and quit it as soon as possible.

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