Tips and tricks to get cheap hotel accommodation

Having a grand hotel accommodation is a dream for everyone. You don’t need to become a millionaire to experience a holiday of a lifetime. There are ways in tricks in which you can score the hotel accommodation that you want and have a grand time. Don’t let your current finances get in the way of your dream vacation. You deserve to be treated like a VIP. Use your street and internet smart to get the perfect accommodation that you will need. Follow these tricks that can help you get a good accommodation despite a tight budget.

Buy someone else’s reservation

The internet has allowed us to buy someone else’s reservation. Through websites like Roomer and Cancelon, those who booked their accommodations can advertise their cancellation. Those who are looking for booking can buy it from there. Rates can be cheaper than the usual hotel rates and you can surely search for the type of accommodation that you want.

Check for coupons

Coupons are not only used for groceries and shopping. It can also be used to get discounts to a nice hotel. Sites such as Groupon and Living Social have access to coupons for upscale reservations. You can also check out newspapers and the flyers hotels often send for marketing and PR.

Use your credit card points

Credit cards offer travel points just by applying to them or even spending some cash on them. Make the most out of your credit card deal by using these points to travel. Whether it’s getting the hotel room that you want or getting a nice airplane seat, those credit card points are there because you deserve it, you financially responsible human being.

Book it on midweek

Want a cheaper hotel rate? Then book it on midweek. Hotels are in demand during Friday and Saturday, making them more expensive. No one really books a hotel during the weekdays so expect a decrease in rate when you book for one of those dates. Try taking a leave from your work at around Wednesday to Friday to fully experience a cheaper – and less crowded – hotel.

Look for other freebies

When looking for a hotel, always check the freebies that come with it. It’s okay if the hotel accommodation is a bit on the pricier side as long as the goods that they offer is luxurious. Are there free breakfast buffets? A room Wi-Fi? Will they offer a free tour of the nearby island that you’ve been dying to go to? Will they offer a free extra night if you book two rooms? Always ask for freebies upon reservation.

Book an app

Some apps offer unsold rooms at high-end hotels and provides cheaper prices for them. There are even last minute offerings where you can get up to 70% discount. Look for these apps online and check out the reviews on them to see if they are legitimate.

Use your loyalty

Do you always book the same hotel over and over again during your business trips or family vacation? Then it’s to become a member of these hotels. Loyalty membership cards always have discount whenever they book a hotel and other establishments affiliated to them. They can also offer freebies such as free lunch or free tours around the locale.

Negotiate your rate

Yes, you can bargain your rate by setting a mini-competition among booking sites.  Tell different sites the bargaining price from other sites and ask them if they can beat that. You can also do that directly to the hotel. Negotiating your rate can help you get up to 80% discount. Win-win.

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