Love for heels? Choose the correct one

Have you ever wondered what to wear to an office, a wedding, a prom or for a shopping day out with your girls? Do you always want to wear heels as you love them but are unable to choose which one to wear? Well it is normal as deciding which type of heels are right for you is not only confusing but also requires you to deal with a lot of other things like the styles, shapes, and heights. You must be aware of the negative effects of wearing uncomfortable heels and what harm they can cause to your body and hence to promote comfort, your heels should be chosen correctly.

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  1. Types of heels

There are different types of heels available, know about them:

  1. Block Heel
    As the name suggests, these offer a block heel and are comfortable and easier to walk in as they offer more support and promotes uniform distribution of weight.
  2. Kitten heel
    These heels are generally 1.5-1.75 inches high and are easier to walk in than a stiletto.
  3. Stacked heel
    Going with the name, this heel appears to be made up of material stacked together and can come in the form of wedge or stiletto.
  4. Stiletto Heel
    These heels come in the range of 1-7 inches and generally have a platform at the front and are one of the popular thin, tapering heels.
  5. Tapered/Cone Heel Shoes
    It is a triangular shaped heel and offers extra support making it possible to be worn the whole day.
  6. Wedge Heels
    These are comfortable and great to wear heels which is not a separated heel and goes best with maxi skirt or dresses.
  7. Platform Heels
    It is not actually a type of heel and comes along with heels of larger length e.g. stiletto to give it a comfortable feel.
  1. Heights of heels

After choosing the style of the heel, next thing to decide is the height of the heel which will also affect your comfort.

  • 2 Inch Heels: A heel height which does not make you feel that you were wearing heels all day, comfortable enough.
  • 3 Inch Heels: This is the most classic height of heels which are elegant and comfortable enough to be worn all day.
  • 4 Inch Heels: This is the height of the shoes which are more of party or evening wear and might not be comfortable to wear if you are a beginner.
  • 4 Inch + Heels: These come with a platform at the front and again it is not for all-day wear or for beginners.

Heels that suit your body type

Choosing the right style and the height should suffice the purpose but still if you wish to feel more comfortable you should choose a heel which suits your body and the following tips might help.

  1. Short legs: Avoid ankle straps and wear nude or pointed shoes which will make your legs look longer.
  2. Wide ankles: Avoid ankle straps and instead go with slingback.
  3. Wider foot: Round toed shoes will offer more comfort.

Now that you know about the heels, you should know that going with your heart may not be the most practical option, but also letting your head take decision may also leave you unsatisfied with those less fancy heels. The only way to feel good with the pair of heels you chose is by choosing the right size, fit, according to the occasion and making sure that your heels provide the required support.

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