The Multi-Faceted Dharma In Buddhism

Ever since the beginning of civilization, man has been in search for answers. Answers which pertain to his deepest curiosities, where did we come from and is there a supreme being that governs all? Questions like such have long been in the fore front of his consciousness. Religion has been nothing if not man’s search for meaning, all religious leader that there have ever been; tried to answer this question to the best of their understanding, a few have come close but none got it correct. A term that is often used in this regard is ‘Dharma’, in Hindu mythology, it is used to denote religion; or the way all things are supposed to be. This word has been interpreted in other religions in different meanings.Dharma in Buddhism

The Buddhist way:

Dharma in Buddhism means the cosmic law and order of things but are used equally to denote the teachings of Gautama Buddha. Buddha was one of the most profound and revered religious teacher ever. His teachings and anecdotes have been made into stories and folk lore and are passed from generation to generation by word of mouth or as textual teachings. Many scholars devote their lives to interpret the meaning of all his works and spread it amongst common people.

In this religion, Dharma is used as the truth. It is used to denote everything that ever came into existence and everything that there ever will be. Some revere it as the ultimate truth, something that remains beyond the scope of all things and all three worlds (the heaven, the hell and the Earth). Some refer to it as the truth about gaining human form, something that has been achieved after passing through 84,000 other life forms. Within the same religion, it is subjected to different interpretations.

The second truth:

It is also included as one of the three jewels of Buddhism. The first one is Buddha himself. The first of the three to come, the one who provides sanctuary to those who have no other refuge. Dharma in Buddhism is also known as the second jewel. This one comes after one is acquaintance with Buddha. Now he is enlightened enough to know about the truth of life, the way that things are supposed to be and the path that he/she should follow. The third is the Sangha, where one goes to pursue the correct way of life.

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