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A winch is a device with a basic task. Actually, there are two tasks – bringing things in and letting things out using a cable or rope. Of course, there has to be a spool or cylinder of some type on which the rope or cable is wound. It’s also necessary to have a way to rotate this spool or cylinder, which varies depending on the type of winch being used.

Of course, if you’re in a business that makes use of this equipment, you already understand this simple process. However, you may not know about all the options and types of equipment that you have access to when you work with a leading provider of cable handling equipment. Cable winches are at the core of numerous operations on elevators, with steam shovels, and on the truck that tows your car when you’ve had a breakdown.

Power Source

Winches operate on a variety of power sources, depending on the industry and the specific use. The list includes electric motors, hydraulic drives, even internal combustion engines. Operation also depends on stopping or slowing the spool, which is accomplished by a mechanical or solenoid brake. As years passed, winch equipment of different types developed to serve the gas industry, the water delivery industry, electrical power providers, and the telecommunications industry.

You have access to an extensive range of cable-driven winches with lengths up to 1,000m and longer reach available in some situations. You can arrange for a winch up to 10-tonne capacity to suit your purposes as well. If you have questions or concerns about exactly what you need, you should call and talk to a representative to discuss your cable winch needs. They’ll gather the details of your project and help you select the equipment with the correct load limit and strength.

Rely on Experience

Because the industrial and commercial uses of cable winch equipment is so important, you’ll always be best served by relying on a company with plenty of experience in this special field. You can learn more about a trusted provider by visiting the website. Browse through the information about the many types of winches available including portable petrol capstan winches and portable electric capstan winches as well as trailer-mounted winches of several types (most are road towable).

If you need equipment for marine or offshore barge loading and unloading or have to have dependable equipment to offer harbour services or shipyard services, this is your source. Winches are also available for drilling installations offshore or onshore as well as placing heavy bridge sections into position. If you need the finest in winch equipment in the UK, call and talk to a member of the team today to begin discussing your specific requirements. You’ll always receive the fully insured, guaranteed services that have been delivered to valued customers for many years.

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