10 Legal Issues and Rights Every Individual Must Be Aware Of

No matter where we are, it is our civic responsibility to be aware of the laws that administer our lives. Every responsible citizen will want to be lawful and that can happen only if we know the nitty-gritty of the laws that bind us.

But at times, we aren’t very clear on the legal issues that may crop up warrant and what are our rights if such circumstances arise.

So, below we’ve compiled a list of laws that can influence you the most!

  1. The Dos And Don’ts Of Driving

Everyone knows that you aren’t supposed to use your cell phones while driving, but different places have different bans on the types of cell phone use that are and aren’t permitted when behind the wheels. The majority of the places have issued a ban on texting while driving, but some other places frown upon any sort of phone use altogether when at the wheel. So, it is best to know what is and isn’t allowed in your country and the resulting penalties for texting when driving.

Stemming from somewhat the same pool, is wearing of headphones while driving legal or not? In some countries it is and in some it isn’t. Many countries have varying and at times rather strange driving laws one of which is – if you leave your car door open “longer than is deemed necessary”, then you’d be violating the traffic rule.

  1. Your Constitutional Rights As a Renter

Your landlord doesn’t hold all the aces. Even landlords who are extremely difficult to deal with have to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated by the government. This is to ensure that you get a housing deal that is fair in exchange for the rental fee you pay. If you rent a place, make sure that you read up on the state laws thoroughly and understand how your security deposits must be maintained and if you are liable to get any interest on that deposit.

  1. Legal Issues Of Breaking Copyright Law

By conducting online activities you might say you’re simply surfing the net, but you’re perhaps violating the copyright law. For instance, if you’ve created a gif to circulate a meme or used a copyrighted song in your video uploaded on YouTube, it means that you’re breaching the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Nevertheless, certain copyright violations are more endured in comparison to others – not to mention, copyright law is intricate – so a quick thought on would you still like to share online might be like asking yourself whether you feel what you’re doing is wrong or no.

  1. Your Rights When Dealing With The Police

Getting arrested would be the last you’ll want to happen with you. But, it’s better to know your rights beforehand. Some basic rights include knowing how to put your rights into effect safely, to say no to a search; moreover to know what your Miranda rights are.

  1. Your Rights As An Air Traveller

Being an air traveller, you are entitled to certain rights, which you won’t possibly be aware of. These include your right to lock the air fare beforehand and the compensation you are supposed to receive for losing your luggage or bumping flights. Besides, you must also be aware of what you ought to do if your plane gets cancelled (hint- get on your phone). However, the law is yet to make a decision on those reclining seats v/s knee defender kerfuffle.

  1. Your Employee Rights

On the basis of your current position at work, it is likely that you might be paid for working overtime irrespective of your employer likes it or no. Likewise, though your employer is against you discussing salary with co-workers, it’s legally not possible for them to stop you from doing so.

These are certain workplace rights which your HR might possibly be hiding from you. So, if you wish to know the rules on taking breaks, worker’s comp, etc. head to the state’s department of labour site.

  1. Legal Documents To Have In Order Before Your Demise

Having your Will and other vital documents in one place will not only decrease the stress of your family, but also give you peace of mind if you happen to fall ill or died all of a sudden. Along with your medical documents, you must also get your property, bank and insurance and other information organised and shared with your family.

Furthermore, ensure that you’re updating all your documents on a regular basis. For example, if you’ve set up a 72 hour emergency kit or plan, see to it that you are updating them, if not monthly, at the very least do it yearly.

  1. Your Right To Understand Legal Documents

From getting a new job to opening a bank account, it requires you to sign up lengthy and not to mention confusing legal documents. Of course, it’s difficult to read through them all at once, but there certainly are some ways to help you make better sense of them.

Terms of Service and privacy policy on various software and services – this is one type of legal document we all simply skip through! Breaching the Terms of Service wouldn’t necessarily be considered as a crime, yet getting an understanding of what you’re agreeing to is always a safe bet.

  1. When To Hire A Lawyer And How To Talk To Them

In intricate legal circumstances, such as, when filing for a divorce, starting your business on the basis of proprietary information, or when you’re charged for committing a crime, it’d require you to sign some risky agreements.

During such situations, only a good lawyer will come in handy. But, you need to ensure that you’re being honest with them and bringing every detail to the table for them to help you come out of the situation.

  1. Your Right To Take and Share Photographs or Videos

Of course, you do have the right to click and share images and videos.  However, there are times when you might land yourself in trouble; say you are sharing images that reveal confidential information about people. In such situations, how you’ve shared those images or videos also play a huge role.

We could simply go on with the list and make the article twice its size! But, these are some of the major legal issues and rights that each one of you has to be aware of in order to avoid being subjected to exploitation by the police officials.

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