Make Renovating Your Home Way Easier With These Rustic Trends

Is your paint chipping? Is your wallpaper peeling off?

Well, hold your horses before you blow that renovation budget, because at present, vintage is the new…er…new.

Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with having a completely modern house. But, why feel as if you’re living in a spaceship?

Embrace the rustic charm at every nook and corner of your house and get the feeling of peace, comfort and happiness that you receive when in the arms of the nature!

All of this seems like a fantasy, right?

Well, it’s not and in reality, rustic is what you need when trying to strike the right balance between classic and comforting. Rustic design underlines the real beauty of unrefined and natural elements and celebrates an unfussy taste.

Not to mention, by using this trend to its fullest, you can surely create a house that’s more eco-friendly. And what better than using organic materials to design the interior?

But, when you’re using the rustic design style, ensure you’re starting with what your house can give you. (Remember – this concept lies at the core of every rustic design!) Because, when you go overboard with the theme, it might just make your house look more like a habitat for a wild animal.

So here, we’ve compiled a list of rustic styles to help you out with the renovation process and create style in your house!

Stone and raw wood

Stone and raw wood have been considered to be the most important feature when thinking of adding rustic style in your home. Let’s say you have an older home, and you would like to preserve any or all bits of architectural detail, including any stone walls, instead of covering them up or removing them altogether.

On the other hand, if it is a new construction, add features such as stone walls, make use of reclaimed wood and keep the beams of your interior exposed.

However, if you wish to add an extra zing, construct a hut shaped roof in order to show the beams that will be used to support it.

Simple natural fabrics

Any or all fabrics that are used on the furniture and accessories, such as rugs and linens, must give out a natural feeling of a rustic style home.

So, choose fabrics that are more natural in colour, instead of going for simple ones. Not only will it make your furniture look neutral, but also give your house the much needed rustic touch.

South-western style

South western style homes are generally influenced by Spanish, Mexican and Native American tone.

When constructing interiors in this style, it usually contains features, like vibrant fabric, earthy-type colour schemes and hand crafted items. The most popular materials used on countertops, flooring and walls are hand-crafted clay and/or ceramic tiles.

Greens, clay reds and desert neutral are the commonly used colour schemes, which can be highlighted with a dash of orange, turquoise and yellow.

Modern furniture and amenities

When trying to incorporate a rustic design style in your house, your main aim must be to attain its warmth and charm whilst reaping benefits of the conveniences that modern amenities and furniture have to offer.

No matter how rustic you want your home to appear, you will always ensure that the pieces of furniture are from the modern era. For example, you can use mid-century furniture pieces in your home as unadorned leather and wood always go hand in hand.

You can also make use of logs and customarily pine, for things such as tables or chairs in order to give your home the appearance of rustic style.

Additionally, you may also choose to use furniture such as custom towel radiators that have been metal worked, as this style blends well with the rustic style interior design look.

Western style

The western interior design style is more tightly tied to nature. The typical features of this style are horse saddles, deer antlers and horseshoes.

Leather, weathered wood and metal are the most common materials used in this style of environment.

Natural colour scheme

In an environment that is considered to be rustic in nature, the colour theme has to be more subdued in nature. This means that it is hard to make your home appear rustic if you are looking to utilise brighter colours. Instead, paint your walls white or cover them in natural material, such as stone or wood.

Log cabin/lodge style

This type of style is more common in different hotels and resorts and is considered to be more of a “refined log cabin” look. As it is obvious, the interior and exterior of homes are constructed using tree logs that have been both whole-shave and custom-fit. Exposed logs and beams are important design feature in terms of the rustic style.

Stone fireplace

You would definitely want to include a fireplace, a wood burning one in particular, in order to make your home feel more comfortable. A natural style fireplace would be preferable; however, the top two choices are rustic style stone and modern style wood.

Country style

The features of this particular style include simple furniture pieces, subdued colour schemes, down to earth accessories and vintage style fabrics.

Worn out and muted colour schemes in nature belong to this kind of style. Cottage-chic style is one of the most common styles that often fall under the country-type style.

Farmhouse style

If you are looking for an environment that is both family-friendly and comfortable, then this is just what you’ve been looking for. This style combines the tone from other country type design style such as French, Italian, English and American.

The level of comfort and that “lived in” feeling are the biggest benefits of renovating your home in a rustic style.

A rustic style home is extremely easy to find, especially with the wide abundance of textures and colours, as well as soft and warm furnishings. Using these interior trends will without a doubt, make you feel at home!

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