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Whether you need pigment dispersion, performance inks, paint colours, or clear coatings, you need a solid manufacturer and ink mixer for the job.

The manufacturing process for these products is incredibly important and directly affects the outcome of the product as a whole so you can’t afford to sacrifice quality. Instead, you can choose an affordable developer to craft high-quality materials. These services are extremely flexible and ready to be tailored to any specific requirements you request.

As master mixers and manufactures, your developers understand how your needs can be time-sensitive, especially if you need them for your product or service. You can expect a quality and efficient job with quick turnaround times whether you are looking for a standard or customised product.

The Importance of Pigment Dispersion

Pigments are particles that impart colour to things such as paint or ink and the quality of your paint relies on the proper dispersion of these particles.

The technique is essential during the manufacturing process and affects everything from quality to colour as well as the quality of colour. With improper paint dispersion, you will see a dramatic decrease in the quality of your material so it’s important that you seek a supplier that has control over this process.

Not to mention, when you have a firm grasp of the pigment dispersion process, you can better manipulate colours and offer a more customised product.

Bespoke Services

Centre Colours is staffed by masters at pigment dispersion and colour manipulation, which allows them to offer better satisfy the needs of the ink, paint, and coating industries.

While you will find a vast selection of standard, ready-made colours and products for immediate purchase, you will also have the option to customise for your specific needs. Your suppliers understand the varying nature of ink, paint, and coating industries and work to supply you with the most appropriate product.

This can mean crafting something completely unique or based on your specifications. Oftentimes, industries may supply the raw materials for creating a colour or coating and if this is the case for you, your litho concentrates developers can use your materials to develop your product.

End-to-End Quality

When you seek service from a skilled developer, the quality of the ink, paint, or coating extends to the finished product whereas a low-quality supplier may tarnish the quality of the product or service you create and the product that your customers expect.

Size also isn’t a limitation so whether you need a single product or a full supply of various inks and paints, an excellent developer can ensure consistency throughout. Whatever your requirements are, you can rest assured that you are receiving an excellent product.

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