Make you site embedded easily with the JavaScript miner WebGL

MinerAlt is offering the best JavaScript miner WebGL for the Monero Blockchain which can be easily embedded on the website. The users are running the miner directly in the browser and then mine XMR which is the ad-free experience and the in-game currency. You can also get the incentives with it.

The main advantage of choosing the Mineralt browser for mining the JavaScript is as below:

  • No AdBlock and Antivirus detection

We are asking the user for their permission for using their CPU and another couple of solutions so that our miner would work stable without having any false detections.

You will get the payments in all the types of e-currencies that is also 24 hours.

The electronic pay includes money like PayPal, Paxum, Credit Cards, Monero, BitCoin, XMR, WebMoney, Payoneer and many other.

  • Integration in the site is easy

Mineralt script is very easy to install when the code is placed on the usual ad networks. You need to implement the script today and have to make sure that how it can be used.

  • Confidence in the future profits, and protect yourself from the end of pop-ups era

When you are choosing the Mineral script then you do not have to worry about the upcoming end of the pop-ups advertising. The Google Chrome will be updated with the built-in AdBlock solution. The script is only the mining script. There is no scam, no redirect or any hidden functions which are happening in the Adv Networks.

  • Support and Registration is very easy for huge infrastructure

They are having the easy and open registration and the support. We will try to help you as soon as possible because we are not a cheap clone of another browser who are offering the mining.

  • No restrictions on the category of the site and type of traffic

Mineralt is working identically on the desktop and the mobile. Most of the earning sites are having the longer desktop user session. They are accepting the sites of any category having any number of visitors and type of traffic.

How Is Best Javascript miner WebGL working?

  • Take the Script
  • The preference for Mineralt script is chosen and then it is implemented into the website.
  • Paste the HTML code
  • After it is implemented, the Mineralt immediately starts the mining of Monero coins.
  • Get money
  • The Monero reward you can take in your wallet and then you will be get paid by credit card or PayPal in 24 hours.

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