Different Types of Islamic Clothing for Women

When it comes about Islamic clothing for women, the only word that suits it the best is ‘Modest’. Yes, Islamic clothes mean sophisticated dresses. The fully covered abaya or burka are some of these clothes for women. Today, fashion designers are being creative for Islamic wear for ladies and bringing new styles and fashion for them. Here are certain types of dresses that Muslim women can wear to look adorable. Read on to know more-

  1. Hijab

This is basically the headwear, worn by the Muslim women, that covers your entire head expect your face. Hijab is a rectangular piece of fabric that is folded and pinned with your dress to keep the place intact. Sometimes, hijab is also known as tarhah or shylah. You can buy hijab of different colors and if you want to be more experimental, look for beautiful prints. But, remember, when you are aiming to dress modestly, you should not go for any bright colors or too many designs. Wearing pastel shades can make you wear accessories to enhance your beautiful look.

  1. Abaya

Abaya is a fully covered robe, worn by the women of the Arabian Gulf countries mainly. Basically, this is a cloak that women wear before coming to the public. Though traditional abaya is a black cloak, today fashion designers are bringing creative detailing to abaya and adding colors and detailing to it. You can wear designer abayas, but too much detailing can ruin the soothing look. A bit embroidery work on the front side is enough. While choosing the fabric, you should dress according to weather. Colors like dusty rose, baby blue, and other pastel shades look amazing.

  1. Khimar

This is another head and face veil. But, there is the difference between khimar and hijab. While the hijab covers up to your shoulder, khimar is a larger piece of fabric that covers up to your waist.

  1. Jilbab

This is another type of cloak that is worn by women. You can compare jilbab to the long trench coat. Jilbab is available in different colors and designs. The difference between abaya and jilbab is that the latter one is far more fitted than abaya. There are varieties of fabric while buying jilbab.

  1. Burqa

This is apparel that covers your entire body from head to toe including your face. There is only a mesh screen that covers your eyes to make you see. Though this is famous in the Muslim women around the world, the women of Afghanistan prefer to wear a burqa the most.

  1. Salwar Kameez

This is famous among all types of women around the world. Muslim ladies prefer wearing salwar kameez of different types. Buy designer salwar kameez that you can wear at any occasions or casually.

These are certain types of dresses that Muslim women prefer to wear. Buy such dresses depending on your body type and also pair up with appropriate accessories. Today, there are different types of online sites from where you can buy beautiful dresses.

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