The Pros and Cons of Virtual Offices

The requirements of many online e-commerce companies and start-ups that depend on the virtual environment for flourishing can be met by the use of virtual offices. The practice of placing commercial office spaces for rent has been modified to virtual offices that provide many more products and services to employees. These offices help the company recruit the most suitable employees without any restrictions regarding the city or the country. Every employee is connected to the other through smart platforms that enable secure communication between the employees. Clients can also access the products and services of the company through online transactions. If any confrontation is required, meetings can be held in the space provided by virtual offices. However, any start-up or company must study the market and deeply analyse the correct location and surroundings before opting for a virtual office.

Pros of virtual offices

  • The cost incurred for a monthly virtual office is minimal as compared to a traditional office. There is no requirement of maintenance costs, or there are no staff requirements to be taken care of.
  • The second benefit includes the facility of cheap office space for rent and offers such as a month-to-month lease. This means that the employer need not worry about a lease agreement when his business tanks or pay for a broken lease agreement. There is a basic service package, with additional add-ons for more services. This reduces the burden of setting up a fully-furnished office for a business that may have short-term goals.
  • Another pro includes the provision of a mailing address, telephone answering, video conferencing services, and physical addresses for clients to meet with employees. A common secretary can be hired for two or more companies. The need of the hour for any growing business is hard work to rise to the top. The use of virtual offices can shift the focus from maintaining a lavish office and administrative staff to more work and handling golden business opportunities.
  • If the mailing address includes a prestigious location or a street widely familiar with the business snafu, it can help in creating a good first impression on clients. A good virtual office provides business benefits at a low cost.

Cons of virtual offices-

  • On weeknights and weekends, there can be some plausible restrictions as the offices are owned by someone else. These limitations can be detrimental during times of need.
  • The packages offered by the virtual office can place restrictions on the number of video conference calls, conference room space usage, and teleconferencing services. This can be a cause of inconvenience for employers during crucial business deals and strategic planning of business operations.
  • One of the biggest discrepancies of working with virtual offices includes the lack of personal interaction. The impact of charming smiles and vigorous brainstorming during the exchange of ideas and services are missed during online communication.
  • When the central database of communication goes down, then the entire system fails. This causes major inconvenience to employers who have online companies.

It is a matter of improvement for every start-up or business and the utilization of virtual offices during the initial stages can be of immense help during later stages.

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