Facts about a Virtual Phone Number

Many people wonder what a virtual phone number is. Well, we all know what a phone number is. The question is what it is with this phone number that makes it virtual. Let us dig deeper to fully understand what a virtual phone means.

Phone numbers are tied to the physical locations of the telephones. Generally the telephone company would send a cable to the physical location where the actual telephone has to be installed. The number which is linked with that specific location will only take calls directed to that particular physical location. This is the case with the physical landline connections. They use expensive PBX systems to manage call systems.

With the new virtual numbers the necessity to drop the number lines to physical locations has been eliminated and now people can receive calls from anywhere using laptops, mobiles and other devices. Calls to the virtual numbers are handled remotely by proxies installed by the service provider. There are a number of advantages of having a virtual number, let us have a look at some of them:

Virtual number allows a business to:

  • Connect seamlessly with more than one location at the same time
  • Save on the space and infrastructure occupied by the conventional phone lines and also save on the maintenance cost of the phones.
  • Enjoy automatic service of phones without the need to physically fix it

For e.g. a business uses virtual phone numbers from a virtual number service provider. The company has its headquarters in New York sales office. The company has both local numbers and toll free virtual numbers where customers can call for placing an order. When a customer calls the IVR asks the customer to make choices on what he wants to do. Suppose you want to talk to sales, so you would want to press the relevant number for sales and get connected to them immediately. Virtual numbers can be used in any physical location. Suppose you are sitting in India and you want a local number of New York so that when customers from New York call you, they think that you are a local company. Virtual numbers can help you run a business from any part of the world in any part of the world

Virtual phones can also be a medium of communication in your office. Your staff can discuss important things on a conference call. Suppose a boss wants to congratulate an employee for getting promoted. He may use his home/office internet connection to get connected to the virtual phone and make call using 4-digit dialling code to speak to his employee.

The entire team can connect on a virtual phone network, no matter wherever they are physically. They can all talk and take meetings with the help of various virtual phone number service providers.

When you buy virtual number, you can also save big on the phone bills as the virtual number calling is much cheaper with greater clarity of voice than regular phone calls.

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