Get Inspired With These Kitchen Design Trends From Pinterest

The year of 2018 is all about personalisation when it comes to kitchen trends, which includes colours, materials and appliances which impact any overall kitchen design.

We all struggle to design our dream kitchen and make it unique, but a quick look around the image sharing website Pinterest will give you the inspiration you need to transform the room which requires the hardest work.

In the UK only, there are more than 20 million home decor ideas posted on Pinterest every month, it is hardly a surprise to know that kitchens is a top category within home inspiration.

Over the past year, the new kitchen trends that are posted on Pinterest by UK users have been analysed and here are the key insights below:

  1. Unicorn inspired designs

The mythical creature Unicorn was a big deal in 2017 when printed images were seen all over accessories, appliances and soft furnishing but consumers are bringing the trend in UK kitchens in a more subtle way.

This trend can be verified as searches of pastel shades, bright whites and gold accents have seen searches and saves for ‘pink kitchen accessories’ sky rocket by more than 234 percent, while there was a boom by 120 percent for ‘pink paint’. There was an increase of 262 percent and 235 percent for ‘white cabinets’ and ‘gold kitchen accessories’ respectively.

The hugely popular Unicorn trend is making its way into the kitchens and people from UK are embracing the theme. They are turning to glitter pain, gloss tiling and accessories like coloured glass tea lights to add extra sparkle. In the year of 2018, it is expected that more people will experiment with these subtle colour schemes and introduce furnishings that will stand out and rejuvenate their kitchens.

  1. Touches of Morocco

In order to stand out, you need traditional morocco patterns and intricate designs for the finishing touches for your kitchen. There has been a rise of 128 percent in searches and saves for Morocco-led décor, an increase of 71 percent for ‘Moroccan tiles’ and 66 percent for ‘Moroccan splashbacks’ have been seen as rich sources of inspiration, according to Pinterest data.

Vibrant colour palettes will be inspired by the designs from international climates in 2018. Striking mosaic wallpaper and feature floor tiles will gain popularity along with other Moroccan touches such as chunky wooden worktops, gold lanterns and pendant lighting.

  1. Getting back to nature

Environment is impacting an increasing number of consumers’ purchasing decisions and this is also making its impression on the kitchen designs. People who support sustainability have helped in the rise of searches and saves by 164 percent and ‘Plywood’ by 139 percent.

The desired aesthetic for people is the ‘eco look’ as it is gaining popularity. There has been a rise in search and saves for ‘organic materials’ by 139 percent with consumers considering natural materials for work surface and cupboards. There has been surge in sales of walnut worktops, concrete tiles and bamboo lightings.

  1. Metallic touches

Featuring of metallic design on this list comes as no surprise. This trend is continuing and the popularity is still growing with kitchens set to compliment an ultra-modern, luxurious feel. Big statement pieces such as shimmering ceramic wall tiles and stylish statement lighting are included in this, as well as glitter paint and metallic plug sockets.

‘Gold kitchen accessories’ have seen a rise of 235 percent on searches and saves on Pinterest, and 187 percent and 59 percent rise for ‘gold cabinets’ and ‘gold taps’ respectively.

  1. Hues of blues

Blue is the colour of the moment, from powder blue to cobalt blue and teal, when designing the kitchens. The most popular are the darker shades of this versatile hue. The raging trend this year in design industry is undoubtedly to have blue in kitchen. People who are brave and want to make a statement within the home may choose for this bold and dramatic move.

  1. Shelving is making a statement

There is an increase in popularity of open shelving with homeowners who want to make a statement in their kitchen by adding their own personality with small accessories and even deluxe food items places on shelves. Kitchens with bright and airy format have good opportunity to add lots of greenery with succulents and Ivy, incorporating yet another important interior style trend.

Kitchens with top to bottom cabinets with no plinth or space above them are important design trends which will provide maximum storage space in small areas. Open shelving with lighting will give you a more living room feel and look to the kitchen and is gaining popularity in UK.

  1. Multiple ovens

As the lifestyle of people is getting busier everyday it makes more sense to prepare multiple dishes at the same time, especially for people who are big on entertaining guests. Multiple ovens can even create a statement look with wall cabinets to contrast with the original stonewall.

This design is not limited to just oven, there can be dishwashers and washing machines catering to the various demands of running a family home.

  1. Smart kitchens

The development of smart appliances at such a fast pace and anyone who is thinking of installing a new kitchen in 2018 should not do without the necessities of today’s living. Wi-fi ready appliances allowing control of kitchens from distance and steam ovens and vacuum drawers will make cooking quicker and easier.

People are showing interest in integrated music and lighting which can be controlled via one central hub, as well as smart tablets installed for recipes and work surfaces with integrated mobile phone charging.

  1. The industrial look

Concrete effect finishes give an industrial style features to your décor. The trend for concrete sprayed doors or concrete effect doors and rustic style design for radiators will continue to grow – as well as open style metal frame racks for storage and black grip ledge handles will add to the features.

With the use of heavy metals, the storage is also coming out of cupboards and when features unite with function, you will get a kitchen with a purpose.

  1. Concealed and disguised lighting

The key to any good design is layers of lighting. The traditional line of three pendant lights continues to be popular and always looks stunning in a rectangular kitchen or hung over an island. This design of lighting must be complimented with LED strips on the underside of cupboards that are at eye level, illumination the work surface. You can also supplement this scheme with some carefully positioned recessed down lights depending on the size of the kitchen.

To change the atmosphere of the room easily, lighting under the cabinetry and counters can be applied. Placing of concealed LEDs under the worktops to transform a kitchen into an entertaining space, is an easy way to add a little bit of contrast to the existing lighting features and illuminate a room.

Plasterboard with disguised light channels built in is trending in modern architecture buildings and it is expected to merge over to the kitchen world and become more common place on most designs.

The kitchen design trends are evolving every day and the selection of these designs should reflect the personality of the house as well as the owner. These design trends which have gained popularity on Pinterest will provide you with proper inspiration and ideas for your kitchen.

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