Simple Tips to Help Maintain Trailer Parts

You should never head out on a trip with your trailer without a thorough inspection. The last thing you want is for the trailer to break down halfway to your destination. Here are a few simple tips that anyone can use to maintain his or her trailer and trailer parts.

Inspect the Tyres and Check Air Pressure

Start your inspection with the tyres. You will want to check the air pressure to ensure that the tyres do not have any leaks or significant wear. This is especially important if the trailer has been placed in storage through multiple seasons as pressure can change with the weather.

If you do not have a pressure gauge, most filling stations with an air hose will have a gauge. The desired pressure will depend on the tyres. Typically, you can find the recommended max tire pressure written on the side of the tyres.

After checking tyre pressure, inspect the wheel bearings. Worn wheel bearings can damage the tyres, axles, and other trailer parts. Using a grease specifically intended for greasing bearings can help increase service life.

If the bearings are damaged, you may notice a growling or knocking noise. Damaged bearings should be replaced to avoid further damage to the trailer. You can get new wheel bearings and trailer parts for sale from Hedley’s Alarm & Towing Centre.

Check the Brakes and Bowden Cable

The trailer brakes help improve stability when towing a trailer. Before leaving home, check the brakes and the connecting cable.

With electric brake systems, you should inspect all connections and wires. Look for damaged or worn connections that may need replacing. With other brake systems, look for signs of wear or corrosion.

Along with a physical inspection of the brakes, you should test them while the vehicle is in motion. This can be performed in your driveway or yard. Perform a short test drive and apply the brakes several times to ensure that they are working properly.

Keep the Trailer Clean to Easily Detect Issues

The final suggestion for properly maintaining your trailer is to keep it clean. A clean trailer is easier to inspect, helping you detect mechanical issues as they arise. This applies to all trailer parts and components.

Clean the trailer, tyres, and parts after you take it out of storage and before putting back in storage. If the trailer does not get regular use, it should be stored away from the elements.

Preferably, store the trailer in your garage or shed. If this is not an option, keep it covered with a suitable tarp. Protecting the trailer from rain, snow, and severe weather will prevent trailer parts from rusting.

Maintaining your trailer can increase the service life of the various trailer parts. It can also increase your safety when towing a trailer on a long trip. Use these simple steps and do not hesitate to replace damaged or worn trailer parts.


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