The Aggressive Sales Approach

An aggressive sales approach is not asking you to shout at your client or prospect but being little pushy can definitely help you at some places. Most of us don’t know but there’s a time and place for making aggressive approaches and its closing strategies.

However, most of the professionals see it as a poor approach but at sometimes it could be the best option at the end of the sales process.

As I always say, good and bad consequences of anything and everything always depends on the use of that particular thing. Whereas understanding the concept of aggressive sales approach is found to be critical, not everybody is familiar with its use. If you use the strategy at the wrong place and the wrong time, the result will obviously result hazardous. But, if, you the same thing at the correct time and the correct place, the result would be amazing.

In fact, aggressive sales approach has the power to transform the mind of the people who are not sales ready to willing to buy from you, if used correctly.

The method is not completely dependent on the way it’s used but it also depends on the kind of client you are dealing with.

Given below are three aggressive sales approach that can result amazing if used appropriately.

1.  Give Them A Deadline Or Set A Time Limit

Sometimes, in order to get what is needed, particularly in B2B sales, we need to be a little strict. There are some clients who have the habit of pushing things forward and hence keep on delaying. For such clients, you can give them a deadline or set a time limit so that they can take their decision in a timely manner. This will, in turn, exert a kind of pressure on them and can get you the results you’re looking for.

Doing so can make your client believe that they will lose out on a great opportunity or a great deal if they don’t take the decision on time.

This strategy can be used in a way by telling your client that they have a limited time offer for that particular product or tell them that particular feature would be changed after a certain timeframe. Other ways include telling them that if they don’t purchase the product within the timeframe then there could be a negative impact on the business goals or you can also hit on their competitor and can tell them that they can obtain a competitive edge if they purchase the product before their competitors do.

Kind of clients to be pitched: Only an impulse buyer because they have the habit of pushing things forward and they can be easily convinced to take the decision as early as possible.

At the other end, if you know that your client always takes some time before taking any kind of purchase decision, you must not use this strategy or you will lose to that client.

2.  Take A Step Towards Persistence Close

No always doesn’t really mean no. If you hold a little patience and be strong enough, you have the power to turn that no to yes. Most of the salespeople have been found having a low sales record only because they give on the clients easily when they hear the word “no” from them. That’s the reason why a salesperson needs to be persistent.

It’s difficult but more closing questions you raise, more pressure the clients feel. Therefore, one needs to be persistent enough so that one can turn that “no” into a complete “yes”.

Kind of clients to be pitched: Only those clients who are ready to buy but seems little confused or a bit reluctant can be won with the persistence. You, solely, need to make sure that what you’re saying is what you really mean and strongly believe that. In case, you pitch those clients totally unhappy or unwilling, then the table can get turned and you will need to face something you never expected. So play safe.

3.  The Take-Away

This is one of the most aggressive sales approach and the closing technique. This strategy should only be used right at the end of the process when the prospects have already shown their interest in the specific product or service but slowed down the selection of their choices, still hesitant to make official purchase decision.

This strategy helps you push the close out of the client’s fear of losing than gaining. You can convince them by offering them the cost reduction after eliminating a particular feature that the client want the most. You can also offer them a less expensive deal but explain that it won’t completely meet his needs or you can also offer them for delay signing the contract but explain that they would miss out certain benefits due to the postponement.

Kind of clients to be pitched: Only when you’re very much sure that client has a keen interest in the product but due to some XYZ reason he/she is hesitant to buy. These kind of technique must not be used at the starting of the sales because it can result into something unexpected and unwanted.


 All the above defined techniques can be effective only if practiced and used correctly. As said, none of the methods should be considered as the first statement to close the sales but should be used at the end and only when you’re sure your client is interested and capable of buying.

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