10 time management techniques useful for making you prepare for any government exam

Being an exam student is not easy, especially if you are appearingfor exams like UPSC, GATE, IES, CAT etc. With the pressure of getting the requisite score and covering a humongous syllabus, you need to find time to finish it all in time. And time management is the biggest hurdle to overcome when you are planning your schedule.

Here are 10 effective time management tips to get you by:

1.Planned Study

Always remember that you need a plan before you set out to cover the vast syllabus for your government exams. Keep track of all the subjects and add these subjects to your timetable. Once your timetable is set, stick to it at all costs.

2.Know what you Don’t Know

When you look at your study plan or syllabus, there will be a bunch of topics you know you need to work on. So, make sure that you divide your study time accordingly. Give more time to the subjects you know require more hard work.

3.Plan a Study Guide for your Subjects

Creating a study plan for your subjects and exams is not enough. You need to create subject-centric plans as well. Mark out the topics you are confident in and the other that you need to work on. With that in mind, create realistic goals for your subjects. Do not create a goal too huge for you; this will only lead to future problems.

4.Make Notes

When you study, there are many things you need to remember. Simply reading and re-reading them will not prove to be of any value to you or your goals. To attain a better understanding of the subjects all you need to do is create your own notes. Do not rely on your friends or teachers to help out, read the readily available matter for reference but always make your own notes.

Creating a specific notebook for every subject will help you gain deeper knowledge. Plus, when you revise right before your exam, you will be able to remember what you study easily. Self-made notes help you retain the reading matter better than the readily available ones.

5.Group Study

Although the general notion suggests that students do not really study in groups, sitting with a like-minded group of friends allows you to understand the subject better. Remember to pick out only those friends you know will take the matter of studying seriously. Group studies allow you to understand the subject in easy terms and faster than what you would have attained had you been alone.

6.Give importance to Good Sleep

Sleeping on time and waking up on time every day is one the major things to take care of. A good night’s sleep every day will help you save time every day you study. A properly rested body will be able to retain much more than a person who does not rest. Everybody’s optimum sleeping time is different, test out your sleep routine initially to find out what works the best for you.

7.Take Tests

Whether online, at some coaching center or at your own discretion, take tests. Time yourself while you appear for the mock tests, these tests will keep your speed up and will allow you to understand which portions of the exam you need to work on and the portions that you take time to solve. With this, you can actually fix your issues before you go into the exam hall and can strengthen your weaknesses.

8.Answer Easy Questions First: This one is for when you enter the exam hall, and you have the question paper in your hand. Remember to pick out the questions you know the answers to and answer those questions first. Chances are that you will solve them in a jiffy and have more time to work on the ones that you do not know the answers to.

9.Don’t Rush Yourself: Whether preparing or during the exam, the key to getting best results is to keep calm. Rushing makes you forget what you have studied while selecting or framing answers. And if you rush while studying, you probably won’t remember what you study.

10.Be Honest With yourself: When you prepare, every day before you sit down to studying honestly evaluate your progress. Make the necessary changes to your routine and study schedule to fix the backlogs. Honesty will help you keep track of your studies and will help you gain the upper hand during your exams.

With government exams, the biggest hurdle is not the humongous syllabus but the issue of time management. Do not try to do all things at once, keep a level head and divide your goals for every day to attain success.

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