Why Inbound Marketing Needs Explainer Videos.

Marketers try to follow the latest marketing terminology and deploy in different tools and techniques that could help increase the number of website visitors and brand advocates. Amongst all types of marketing, Inbound marketing is religiously followed as it improves your visibility online.

In order to build a strong presence, you need to go beyond a well-executed marketing plan because social media and the state of search have been transformed with the arrival of new technologies.

The realm of Inbound marketing is vast which includes blogging, social networking, visual marketing, email marketing, etc., to empower your brand to attract, delight, convert and close your prospects while turning them into customers. Inbound marketing has three stages- Awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage. You need to walk through your buyers’ journey to decide what stage they are in.

So why do you need to figure out this? To map out your marketing approach so that you pitch them in the right way.

The Inbound Methodology and digital marketing run parallel. No matter what stage your customers are in, you can use videos to attract your prospects or prompt them to call to action.

How Videos Enhances Inbound Marketing

Video has become an effective Inbound Marketing tool and is transforming the way businesses pitch their prospects. People prefer watching short videos that provide crisp and succinct information due to limited time and attention span. Online users prefer time watching a video rather than going through lengthy content. When you use a video in your inbound marketing, your brand is likely to be recognized with a great brand proposition. Videos have the power to speak out your brand’s message which further helps in customer acquisition and customer retention.  They will get to know what you offer, how you can solve their pain points and the most important, and what makes you stand out from your competitors.

How explainer videos pay off your inbound marketing efforts.

  • Some statistics are rolling out, confirming a high visit when a landing page has a video. Videos drive in engagement while playing an important role in increasing conversions.
  • YouTube is a Google-owned search engine. By uploading your inbound marketing videos to YouTube and making your channel, you can get a large number of subscribers using your desired keywords.
  • A great way to get seen online in social media posts is an explainer video. Upload a video with a brief introduction to it and get ready to see the magic.
  • The more engaging your video will be, the higher number of retweets, shares and likes you will get.
  • When you upload different types of videos on a regular basis, you generate a sense of curiosity in your visitors to understand your brand more. They are likely to form a stronger connection with your company if your video is compelling enough to give answers to their queries. Furthermore, viewers are more likely to purchase if they find you the right service provider to receive services from.
  • You can also use videos to make special offers to customers: You can give a special offer to the lead who watched an entire video. Moreover, you can surprise the lead who watched half of the video with some sort of an incentive.
  • Want to know about sales-ready potential customers? A sales-ready lead is the one who watched your video to the end. You should offer a product trial or consultation to your lead. But if a lead fly away after 10 seconds of watching your video, he/she must not be considered as a sales-ready lead. You still need to pour in more efforts to attract them.

Consider the following statistics.

A video marketing strategy is vital to stand out the brand from competitors. Does not matter what channel and platform you follow for marketing, you would need videos to make your audience read your content and understand your services. Your outreach and campaign efforts will definitely give results when you choose videos as a medium to communicate and deliver your message on different platforms. What makes explainer videos important.

Final words:

According to a Facebook executive, the platform will become video-driven in no less than five years. By optimizing your content for Google while embedding your keywords in, you can increase your chances to be found on YouTube-the world’s second largest search engine.

According to HubSpot Research, 54% of consumers prefer videos from brands to social image (41%) based content, and email newsletters (46%). Moreover, video content is more comprehensible (43%) in comparison to text (18%).

Video marketing spellbinds even Hubspot. What are you thinking of? Create your explainer video now!

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