What Are The Standard Regulations For E111 Card Renewal?

E111 card is a great companion of every traveller moving to any European country. This card can be carried both for personal and business tours. Costs of medical emergencies are usually quite higher and you can now conveniently deal with the same just by using this card. This card comes handy and thus you can easily keep it in your wallet.

E111 card renewal now gives you the opportunity of enjoying the benefits of health insurance without any break or interruption. The renewal procedure is simple but not everybody can attend it smoothly. If your documents or information mismatch with your previous application then you might get stuck in between.

The renewal process is similar to that of the application method. You should recognise the perfect renewal timing. You should get a concrete knowledge about EHIC system so that you can make renewal application smoothly. This knowledge will definitely enable you to know about the standard regulations or restrictions governing the concerned process.

Special warnings:

  • At the time of E111 card renewal your passport should remain valid otherwise your application of renewal will not get processed at all.
  • Same PIN number is being used for making renewal application and thus you should note down the number properly.
  • Do not try to make any shortcut rather you are advised patiently deal with all the steps one after another for making the renewal done peacefully.
  • The renewal procedure should be initiated at least before six months of your travel otherwise you might not receive your renewed card on time.
  • There is no special rule for kids and thus parents should renew their kids’ cards as well in case they want to carry their kids along.
  • If your address or number has changed recently then you should mention the same in your renewal application form so that the processing can be smoothly completed.
  • If you think that you are not confident enough in placing the card renewal application then you can surely appoint any efficient agent for doing the same on your behalf.
  • You should get a fair knowledge about the most probable options of renew application. Popular options are post office, online and telephone. Most people find online application as the most convenient way out.
  • You should know the tenure till which you can enjoy the EHIC card. You should note down the expiry date so that you can take necessary initiative for making the expired card renewed well.

These are the few most important things that you should remember all the time for making your E111 card renewed smoothly. These instructions are not only applicable to you but they are applicable to every family member as well. Since the application is made for free ,therefore, you do not require spending a single penny at the time of renewal.

E111 card remains valid only if you are travelling at any of the listed countries. Country list can be acquired directly from the official site. E111 card renewal can be now easily done from the registered site only. You need to produce all your documents for applying card renewal. You should also mention your tour or holiday tenure very clearly within the form.


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