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The training division of Xebia, which is the Xebia academy, provides training and various certification courses related to digital strategy and IT field. Xebia is a globally recognized company. It consists of seven companies and has over 700 employees within it. The Xebia academy has already about 5500 plus professionals trained and 500 plus qualified trainers. More than 300 training and certification courses are provided by the academy. The courses provided deal with the mobile app, big data, data testing etc. The academy focuses on making the students well versed with technological advancement for business advantage.

DevOps training and certification in Bangalore is well known for its excellent training being provided in the IT field. The advantage of such training and certification is that you get to learn from professional trainers with experience. In this training, you will be trained in a way to become certified practitioners. Course material is designed in a way to cover all the important topics. For the beginners, this has become a trending course in Bangalore.

Since Bangalore is also the IT hub the demand for such programs here is very high. The training being provided is a two-day course. Another important feature is that DevOps in Bangalore provides well-maintained laboratory services. The training programs are not just held in India but in various countries like Dubai, Amsterdam, etc. Here the emphasis is laid on knowledge and its use.

Good infrastructure and economical fees is yet another factor which attracts the services of this academy. The academy is also known for providing 100% placement and assistance to get the right job. Keeping in mind the requirement of a student an in-depth syllabus is prepared and the tutorial is given accordingly. The academy aims to provide world-class training to its students.

Product owner training in Bangalore is very much appreciated. It is to be understood that the product owner is an individual and is accountable for his work. For a product owner to succeed in his work it is important that he is well trained to make wise decisions. The two-day course emphasizes on how to maximize the value of the product.

To create details of product backlog is yet another work of product owner. In order to work effectively with customers and to improve the value of their product, this product owner training has gained a lot of popularity.
A professional product owner has a lot of task at hand which includes all writing and management. Product owner training also focuses on how a product owner can work effectively towards increasing the return or investment. For the success of this training, the students as a part of training are also made to work on real cases. Another important area that is dealt with is communication. The training program also strives to work towards developing efficient speaking skills. Such training program generally imparts knowledge through workshops.


The quality of training provided by the Xebia Academy will definitely help students to do excellent work in the field of IT and Software. So if you are looking forward for one of the best academies then do visit Xebia Academy.
Company Details:

Company Name: Xebia Academy  Global
Address: The HIVE Workspaces, VR Bengaluru – 560048 KA
Email ID: enquiretraining@xebia.com
Contact No. :+91 8800698437
Web: https://www.xebiaacademyglobal.com

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