Awareness While Riding in An elevator – Elevator Marketing

Ads, TV commercials, printed adverts, radio ads and digital online ads are various form of marketing. Form of advertising has evolved over the years dramatically. In recent years, digital elevator ads have been quite popular among companies of different fields who want to reach out to the specific target audience to aware them about their products and services. Elevator advertisement isprobably the most effective publicity available in terms of consumer awareness simply because elevator occupants are a captive audience surrounded by few distractions. Number of elevators is on rise due increasing number of malls, multi-floor housing complexes and tall office buildings. In such places, Elevators are standard solution to commute easily within the premises of the building. Digital elevator ads on screens in an elevator is one of the most impactful way of advertising as residents of the building, employees in office complex and visitors in the mall use elevator 5-6 times which increase their exposure to the adverts showcasing on the screen in the lifts. Moreover, people in the lift or elevator have nothing to do hence their all attention diverts towards the screen without any external interruption.An elevator advertising company can use lift ads in locations where elevators are used frequently by visitors like shopping malls, housing complexes, corporate office buildings.

Below are some merits of elevator advertising over the traditional form of adverts:

Creative advantage – elevators ads can appeal the consumer and can create a ‘buzz’ through their visual tricks.

Micro-targeting – With the lift ads, companies can customize and micro target their ads according to the building, area or locality and kind of consumer use that particular lift or elevator where they want to advertise about their product or service.

Continuous Exposure –  Ads in newspaper and magazines are seen by audience once and get thrown away or kept aside in a corner of the house whereas ads in lifts are exposed to the people number of times and they cannot throw it away like printed adverts. Elevator ads works 24*7, infiltrating customer buying psyches on daily basis.

Easy Editing – Elevator ads can be easily edited on weekly or even daily basis which make the chances of being monotonous almost negligible.

Cost Effective – Giving daily ads in news papers or paying channels hefty amount of money to broadcast the ads once or twice a day can cost a lot to small or newly opened business, However, lift ads are smart one time investment where your brand or product is exposed to consumer number of times a day without any distraction for affordable price.

Apart from benefits to brands and companies, digital elevator ads bring numerous benefits to property owners as well. It helps the property owners to recover the cost of elevator maintenance by the rent or revenue they will earn from companies who advertise their products on the elevator screens. Overall, it is brings advantages to consumer, business houses and property managers.

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