Body Care Tips to Watch Out For When Pregnant

As you wait to welcome a new member to the family, you will have lots of things to worry about. You may be worried about the way life will be after giving birth, what clothes you and your lovely infant will wear, how long you will take before you go back to work, and lots more. These and many other things can chain your mind and inhibit your thinking hence making you neglect the health of your body and skin. No matter what’s eating you up, you should know how to keep your skin and body health during pregnancy. Here are some time-proven tips for body care suitable for pregnancy.

Cleanse Your Skin Often

Hormonal change almost triples during pregnancy. You are going to experience a pimply complexion, ugly stretch marks, and other skin and body changes that could make you uncomfortable. Proper and regular skin cleansing can help remove all the dirt in the skin pores to give you a healthier and beautiful looking skin. If you don’t fancy cleansing, you can get all the body and skin changes managed by use of body treatment oils like the Clarins tonic body treatment oil, Clarins Stretch Mark Control cream or Clarins Extra-firming body lotion.

Properly Exfoliate Your Skin

During pregnancy, your skin will be extra sensitive. You are sure to control this sensitivity by cleansing or exfoliating. When you do so, it is recommended you do it gently. Doing it roughly can end up making your otherwise super sensitive skin scar-filled.  You shouldn’t exfoliate your skin intensely and if you decide to do it, make sure you use time-proven and effective exfoliating scrubs such as Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream or Clarins Exfoliating body scrub for smooth skin.

Hydrate Your Skin

Pregnant women are usually advised to drink more water. By taking enough water, you help provide the growing infant with enough nutrients and hydration.  It also helps flush the system to keep your body hydrated and keep your complexion plump and clear.  Even if you are nauseated, it is advised to drink enough water.But don’t forget that even if you drink lots of water, your body will experience the effects of hormonal and internal changes which lead to dehydration. Don’t necessarily have to buy costly moisturizers to hydrate as you can easily adopt new living habits that could help increase your skin’s suppleness and comfort. But if you would rather use skin moisturizers, you should settle for top selections like Hydra-Essential Light Cream or Hydra-Essential Bi-Phase Serum.


These are some of the most effective tips for body care suitable for pregnancy. Watch them out and ensure you follow the tips that work for your body. We have also given you some of the products you can use to keep your skin and body attractive while pregnancy. Make sure you observe these tips and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance whenever you face hardships. You have to be sure that you are doing the right thing and doing it in the right way for your pregnancy body care routine to be a success.

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