Broadbeach Holiday Apartments A Great Choice For Your Vacation

phoenician resort

Everyone’s always so busy these days. You hear people say that they’d love a holiday, but they just don’t have the time. Or work can’t spare them. Or they can’t afford it.

The thing is, NOT taking a break could actually be bad for your health. And, if you did get away for even a couple of days, you’d return refreshed and happy and ready to go again.

One of the reasons accommodation in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast has become popular, is that it’s easy to get to. That makes it ideal for a weekend away, if that’s all the time you can spare.

Wonderful Climate All Year Round

The Gold Coast boasts excellent transport links, by road, rail and air, and it’s quite possible to survive without your car when you’re here.

The Gold Coast enjoys a wonderful climate all year round so, if you can’t get away in summer, why not book now? There are some great deals available on Broadbeach holiday apartments, so you’ll save money, too.

Broadbeach is a very special place, that’s for sure, and it appeals to all ages. That’s not something you find all over the Gold Coast. Take Surfers Paradise, for example. That is generally seen as party central, and the go-to for schoolies!

Endless Stretches of Pristine Beaches

There are so many fun things to see and do on the Gold Coast, or you could just chill out and relax. Just take a look at the location! Endless stretches of pristine beaches, a huge network of inland waterways, the picturesque hinterland, lush mountains and so much more.

If you’re a bit of a foodie, you’ll love Broadbeach. Surf Parade is probably the best known restaurant precinct on the Gold Coast. Then there’s the shopping, the entertainment, Jupiter’s Casino, major events, the list just goes on.

Broadbeach holiday apartments are ideally located to enjoy everything on offer. Some resorts are just 100m from the patrolled beach, and walking distance from the dining strip, with its huge choice of international cuisine. As mentioned, you don’t need the car!

Luxury Accommodation

Another great thing about Broadbeach is that it has somehow managed to combine its nostalgic past with the present. For example, grab a deal on a luxury apartment at, say, the AAA 4-Star rated Phoenician Resort, and you can expect every mod con. Then wander down the street and enjoy some good old fashioned fish and chips on the beach.

Broadbeach holiday apartments are usually self-contained, but quality varies. Hence the suggestion of choosing 4 stars! You should expect fully-equipped kitchens with European appliances, luxury bathrooms, Queen-sized beds, air-conditioning, spacious living, Austar, security systems and more.

And even if you’re taking advantage of a hot online deal, don’t settle for less when it comes to resort facilities. Again, check the stars. Expect a swimming pool – and, preferably, a second heated pool, spa, sauna, gym, games room, and secure parking.

Escape The Hustle And Bustle

Accommodation in Broadbeach is ideal because it puts you close to everything, without the hustle, bustle and noise of other suburbs, like Surfers Paradise.

It’s close enough to the airport to be convenient, but you don’t have to put up with the sound of planes.

And it’s an easy drive to the many theme parks, so grab a family pass and save a bundle!

Lush Green Hinterland

If you have time, arrange a visit to the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. That’s where you’ll really chill out, amongst the lush rainforests, picturesque villages and waterfalls. On hot days, the hinterland is a welcome oasis, cool, peaceful and refreshing.

Head to Mount Tamborine and the views become spectacular. You’ll love the quaint tea-rooms, art galleries and antique shops. It’s a great place to buy souvenirs and gifts to take home.

The Sunday markets at Broadbeach are great for gifts and souvenirs, too. They take place in the park, and riot of colour, with amazing stalls, food and entertainment.

Endless Entertainment

There’s no shortage of entertainment on the Gold Coast, from music festivals and major sporting events, to theatre restaurants and, of course, the casino.

The Gold Coast hosts top events all year round, with one of the most exciting being the sensational V8 Supercars.

If natural entertainment is more your thing, you’re in luck. The Gold Coast offers some spectacular flora and fauna, and there’s no better place to see it than out on the waterways.

So Much Natural Beauty

Grab a kayak and paddle quietly through the water and you’ll be amazed at the variety of birdlife. Or book a sunset cruise, kick back and enjoy a glass of bubbles – bliss.

There’s no doubt about it – holidays are good for your health. Research shows that a well-earned break will reduce stress and improve sleep. That in itself is great, but it’s the knock-on effect that’s really important.

By doing those two things, you lower your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, digestive problems, and more.

So, when people say they can’t afford to take a holiday, the answer is this: can you afford not to?

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What Is Expected From A Good Chauffeur?


Millions of people in this world depend upon chauffeuring service for their bread and butter. Few of them are engaged with private chauffeur hire companies like Chauffeur hire London while others run their own business in this field.

A good chauffeur needs to be equipped with the following qualities:

  •   Smartness and hygiene – The chauffeur must be smart enough with good appearance. A dress with white shirt, collar, black ties and good shoes is a must. Wearing quality gloves during driving also adds to one’s appearance. Chauffeur with good hygiene are preferred by the passengers. Clean shaven persons are more popular. Emphasis should be laid on personal cleanliness and maintain the hygiene in good manners.
  •    Politeness and punctuality – The chauffeur is expected to touch his cap when allowing the passenger in or during his exit from the car. He should be available near the car at all times. Politeness on his part goes a long way in attracting the passengers. The chauffeur should exit the car first on arriving at the destination and help the client to get out. The sincere chauffer should be punctual towards his duties and not disappoint the clients or the owners in any manner.
  •    Avoid much conversation and smoking – The chauffeur should avoid entering into conversation with the passenger unless encouraged by him or her. His behavior towards the client must be courteous enough and the conversation must be quite brief. The next point is to avoid smoking. Good chauffeurs are expected not to smoke during driving or in the waiting periods. He or she should not smoke in the car for a considerable time before picking up the passengers. All traces of smoking should be removed.
  •    Carrying of luggage – Passengers may carry their baggage etc with them. The same should be loaded in the car by the chauffeurs that must unload upon arriving at the destination.
  •    Knowledge about the route – Good chauffeur is expected to be equipped with proper knowledge about the routes on which he or she is driving. Assistance from the transport department may be sought in this regard.
  •    Deal with accidents – The persons employed with Chauffeur hire London or other concerns should know how to deal with accidents in which they unfortunately get involved. He should be able to fill the accident form and complete other formalities.
  •   Car’s appearance and maintenance – Chauffeurs maintaining their cars in good manners are regarded by all. They must keep the vehicle in good conditions and remove the surplus oil from the engine and dust from the car. Ash trays should be properly cleaned before moving the vehicle on the road. Chauffeurs are expected to wash the car before and after going on any journey. Clean cold water must be used and the cleaning should be started from top onwards. Good pieces of sponges and leathers may be used. All the door frames should be sponged in good manners. The windows may be cleaned inside. Good wax polish may be used after drying up the car. Soft moistened cloth may be used for this purpose. The car should give new looks at all times.

The above few tips go a long way in favor of a chauffeur that intends to win the passengers forever.

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Shipping Freight: Tips on How To Save Cost


Shipping freight can be expensive, especially in this modern economy. Over the years, there has been significant increase in freight rates. It is however difficult for most business to run without shipping items regardless of the price increase. Regardless of what you need to ship, be it a merchandise, or equipment, there are several ways to save cost. By following the following tips, you can possible lower costs and save more.

Reduce the size of the shipment

The size of your freight also determines pricing. If you are shipping large amount of items to one particular location, it is advisable to pack them in just one pallet and wrap them. this will not only make the work easier for your shipping company, but also ensures your item are intact and delivered as packaged. Also, some shippers charge extra fee when you exceeded the required number of packages. Spend less and save more by combining small items with the big ones.

Package the freight with utmost care

Once your freight leaves your facility or location, then you have no idea what it goes through prior to getting to its destination. Not only will it be touched by forklift but also several mechanical means until the freight gets to its final destination. This means any item hanging over the edge of the pallet will most likely get damaged. For this reason, package everything on a pallet wrapped with shrink wrap. All sides should be as straight as possible. This will further protect your package from getting damaged. Remember to have your shipping information on all sides.

Price Comparison

It is essential to compare prices when shipping freight. For the most part, Ontario Container Transport offers the best possible prices for shipping freights. However, you need to do a thorough research to find the best rates possible. There are lots of competitors out there with each trying to build a good customer base. as a result, they will be offering great deals that the previous. Do a little shopping, compare rates and go for the best price. As a business owner, you should know every single dollar counts. The same applies when shipping freight. Every little dollar you save now will be useful in the long run. Comparing prices online is the best way of finding the best deal.

Hire the services of a broker

Another great way of saving more and finding a reliable shipping freight company is using a freight broker. They can help you find better rates. This is because they deal with many different shipping freight companies. Furthermore, freight brokers also know the best shipping freight company to choose from specific destinations. They have reliable database so it’s hard to go wrong. In addition, shipping freight brokers gathers all he necessary information, which you’ve provided, and help you find the best deals. Once they’ve gathered the required information, then they send one bill regardless of the number of shipping company used. This can be truly helpful if you don’t want to go through the stress of paper work.

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