Common iPhone 7 Plus Problems that You Must Know

After iPhone 6S and its series that were released, it was the turn of iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus to make an entry into the market. iPhone customers have always preferred to wait than buy any other brand phones. There may be a shift in paradigm and people willing to buy phones from other brands; however, there are still many that rely on Apple. iPhone 7 Plus is one of the most hyped phones by Apple. If you are willing to buy one and want a detailed analysis, you must know of the problems that the phone comes with rather than the specs. Continue reading the blog and know the problems that may give you a transparent picture of your decision.

Battery Life

iPhones have been known to have battery life like none. Something unusual that has come up is the low battery life in iPhone 7 Plus. Gone are the days when you could charge your iPhone for a few hours for a couple of days’ usage. Now, you need to charge your iPhone 7 Plus almost every day. There is definitely a solution to this problem; however, knowing the problem is always the best.

Screen Problem

iPhone 7 Plus’s 3D touch is another problem that most iPhone users must have faced. The touch seems to be creating issues when you need it urgently. A few have complained about the inconsistent job of the 3D touch whereas a few have complained of the touch not working at all. The screen is also not as smooth as it looks and has been reputed to be. Moreover, iPhone 7 Plus screen repair is a common issue most have been facing. The phone is already expensive and when you have to spend more on the screen repair, it makes the job more exhausting and money grinding.

Sound Quality

Something weird that you may be unaware of iPhone 7 Plus is the poor sound quality. In fact, a few have told about the sound that is more like a hissing sound. Of course, the solution found is turning the volume down of the device. There can be times when you would like to raise the volume because you can barely hear the other person talking. Being aware makes you more prepared and gives you a settled decision.

New Colour and a New Problem

With iPhone 7, Apple got a new colour introduced. Black had never been a colour that Apple had designed a phone with. This time it did and the sad news is that the jet black textured iPhone 7 plus model stains and gives an ugly look on extensive use. In order to protect this model from unnecessary scratches, you might want to get a cover or case that will serve as a protection. Do you want the model with or without protection?

Camera Problem

A unique selling point of the iPhone is its picture quality. How would you feel if the camera that you open gives you a green or black screen? Yes, this has been an ongoing issue with iPhone 7 Plus. It can get absolutely annoying when you are trying to capture a selfie or a portrait picture. There have also been instances when people have told about an error message when trying to open the camera.

Heats a lot

Heating is a common problem with most phones but the iPhone. A shocking revelation about the iPhone 7 Plus is the heating problem. On the phone being consistently used, this particular iPhone heats a lot by standing on the way to your utility. No one likes to use a phone that heats a lot. The reasons may be an update. Whatever the reason may be, the result is definitely unwanted.

There are more problems than the ones mentioned above. You may not like the problems that the phone comes with. There are solutions to all these problems. If you are ready to solve those problems and use your iPhone 7 Plus irrespective of the problems, go ahead. This blog intends to share the cons so that the consumers can take a fair call before buying a new iPhone 7 Plus. Now, you are at least clear with what you want. Apple has always given us the best phones. We can’t deny the fact. Nothing in this world is perfect. It is us who can make it perfect.

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