Computer Vision Techniques Easing Your Life!

Computer vision is not a new concept anymore. It is being used in every field these days. Not only the computers but also the mobile phones these days come with different computer vision techniques.  Computer vision in simple words is a technique in which computers are made to receive the real-world images and videos and identify them and also process them using their software installed.

How is computer vision helping us these days? How has it eased our lives? What are the sectors where computer vision is being used? Following are the answers to some of these questions.

  • Vision computer system in mobile phones: – You might have seen your phone gallery where there are some additional folders where images are grouped according to the faces. Your phone tries to group all the photos of a particular person in your phone at a single place, this it does with person photo in your phone. So, it becomes easy for you whenever you want to see photos of a particular friend or family member in your phone. If not in every smart phone but it can be seen in many smart phones these days. This comes under image classification.
  • Object detection and tracking the object: – computer vision has been very helpful in case of object detection and tracking the object or humans. You can easily track your lost objects using computer vision technology. There are detector machines everywhere these days in security checks where this technology is being used.
  • It has helped a lot in security purposes: – Say it police or the army this technique has been very useful. For example, if the police are searching for a criminal from the database. It can directly search for the photo in the data base or in the criminal records. So, the contacts with more than 80% match will pop up on the screen after the search. Not only from the database, can you search an image from the whole CCTV footage all over the globe. Say while looking for a missing person or a criminal, you can run the program to detect any similar face in front of any of the CCTV footage all over the world.
  • Computer vision platform in search engines: – Think of you are walking down the street and you see someone wearing a shirt you would love to have or even if you are watching a movie and you like the dress worn by one of the actors and you don’t know where to get it from. No big deal you can just take photo of that dress or item you like and just Google it in any of the search engines. There is an option in the search engines these days by which you can Google an image itself. The result will come up with matching photos and you can easily see where you can by that item.

Computer vision has changed the world a lot and eased human life in every possible way that one can imagine.

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