Creating Your Own Nirvana Spot At Your Home

You have lost count of the number of times you have snoozed your alarm only to oversleep and skip your yoga class. There is no justifiable reason for missing your yoga classes other than the fact that you were too lazy to get out of bed and walk to your classes.

Whilst the extra sleep might have seemed worthwhile, you definitely miss the relaxing and satisfying feeling you have post yoga session.

So, what can you do to enjoy this soothing feeling without any regrets?

One effective way to enjoy this feeling of contentment is to create your own nirvana spot at home. However, in order to transform a particular space into a peaceful abode, you have to make note of certain things. Some of these aspects are discussed here:

Choose a spot

There are only a few spots in your home where you can find peace early in the morning. To be honest, you may also not have many spots where you are completely alone at home. This means that you have to find one or create one for yourself.

The living room, hallways and bathrooms are primarily eliminated because they are likely to be chaotic in the morning. This means that you ideally need a room where you can be by yourself with no one to disturb you.

One way is to build a soundproof loft in your bedroom which gives you the much-needed solitude you require. All you have to do is search for loft conversion ideas so that you can design a customised yoga spot.

You can get in touch with loft experts as they can guide you in the planning and execution process. Putting it precisely, you need a clutter-free, open space which gives you sufficient room to stretch and breathe.

Set the temperature

Irrespective of the season outside, we all tend to be lazy in the morning. However, the right room temperature can motivate you to carry out your yoga session successfully.

Yoga sessions are usually carried out in a warm and humid ambience as it helps your muscles to heat up and stretch without the fear of being pulled.

You can install a heater or radiator to act as a source of heat. But, if you are looking for a natural source of heat, then you must install roof windows since they allow sunlight to enter.

This warm environment will enhance your overall practice session. You can also install a humidifier if you do not want dry air to be circulated around you. This is usually helpful during winters to beat the chilly winds.

Brighten up the space

If you are installing roof windows, you probably do not have to worry about this because your room will naturally enjoy a bright and vibrant ambience.

However, if you have an enclosed ceiling then you will have to install lights in your lofts. You can also make use of aromatherapeutic candles which are commonly used for meditation and yoga sessions.

These candles are an inexpensive and innovative source to create a perfect nirvana atmosphere. Avoid installing LED lights and instead close the curtains and light some candles around your mat.

Make sure that they are at a safe distance so that you do not come into contact with them while stretching. This ambience allows you to concentrate better, carry out your yoga sessions just the way you want and leave behind a lasting relaxing glow!

Natural Diffusers

You can use aromatherapy to relax your mind and body during your yoga session. You can use lavender essential oils and such other relaxing agents to calm your mind.

However, if you are not a huge fan of these flavours you can always create your own natural diffuser. You can search online on how to make a natural diffuser at home and make one for yourself.

Including aromatherapy in your yoga session is completely optional and if you are not a great fan of it, you can simply skip on it.

If you like listening to music, you can carry your Bluetooth speaker to the loft and play your favourite music. Although yoga sessions and meditation are more about calming your mind and body, some individuals prefer music over silence.

There is no set rule of thumb but most people prefer a quiet place wherein they can concentrate on their thoughts and hence try to eliminate all possible distractions.

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