Different types of pliers and their usage

A plier is a hand tool which is very commonly used at our home for different usage. There are a variety of pliers that can be found and you may not know about them. Pliers, like other handtools, are very strongly built as they are used to cut and bend wires and there are other usages as well. There are a bunch of plier suppliersin India who cater to every requirement of pliers throughout the country.

The Body of a Plier:

A pier is a simple hand tool but it can be divided mainly into 5 parts:

  • The Nose of Jaw- it is the topmost part of the plier which is used for gripping on the object that needs to be cut or bent. Most of the pliers also contain cutter or pipe grip into their jaws.
  • Pipe Grip- this place is round in shape and helps to have a firm grip on an object and prevent it from slipping.
  • Cutter – this is the place which is located near the fulcrum of the plier and is mainly used to grip pipe or cut wires and cables.
  • Fulcrum- this is the point which amplifies the pressure applied on the handle and make the prier powerful. This area also serves as a joint between the handle and the nose of the plier.
  • Handle- the handle is the place that we hold while using a plier. The handle could be of metal or could be quoted with a thick layer of plastic to enhance grip and expel direct conduction to heat and electricity.

Types of Pliers:

Needle Nose Plier

This type of plier is used for more precise work. The elongated and sleek design of the nose of the plier gives it an extra edge upon others to work on a smaller surface. It also contains a cutting surface at the base of the fulcrum. This can be widely used for jewelry making, fishing, and fine engineering work which needs precision. It can cut, bend, and shape fine wires.

Battery plier

These pliers are mainly used by the automotive industry to tighten or loosen battery bolts and jumper cables of a vehicle. The jaws of these pliers are short and angular, whereas, the lower jaw is shorter than the upper one. The thickness of the hand tool restricts it from damaging.

Eyelet Plier

It serves as an important hand tool for tailoring and cobbling industries. These pliers help to punch and crimp the surface of a material which helps to draw a string from between. So next time you insert the shoelace from the hole made in a shoe, remember it has been punched and crimped by an eyelet plier.

Nail Puller Plier

The shape of this plier is similar to that of a tong. It has a tapered and sleek opening which helps it to slide under a nail and pull it out efficiently. It is mainly used for carpentry and masonry work.

There are various other kinds of pliers for different usages. East Man Tools is a renowned name in hand tools supplying industry and is one of the biggest plier exporters in India.

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