Essay Genre Features

These specific features separate essays from other kinds of written papers:

·        A relevant and urgent topic. Questions touched in the text are relevant at this very moment.

·        Biased thoughts. The author’s personality should be expressed in the essay through their attitude towards the problem and individualized evaluations.

·        From partials to generals. The quote possibly serving as the epigraph often is the starting point of an essay. The author begins telling about the single accident and gradually moves to general philosophical or analytical judgments on the problem stated at the very beginning. As there are no defined standards, the reversed composition is also possible: moving from big scale conclusions to partial accidents confirming them with a story, a proverb, a wise quote or an undisputed fact.

·        Low word count. There are no strict limits, but essays usually take from two to nine or ten pages of a printed text.

·        Preciseness. An essay analyzes only a single problem or question, there is no place for multiple ideas and topics.

·        Free composition. This type of text does not rely on formal limits, rules or frames. The story is often build non-logically, follows random associations. The author has to come up with all sense connections themselves.

·        Paradox possibilities. One of essay tasks is to amaze and impress the reader. Any bright phrase or polemical definition can become the starting point for further thoughts and a story.

·        Light narrative. There should not be complicated definitions and overcomplicated constructions in the essay text. The writer should try to gain the reader’s sympathy and trust, to involve them with simple sentences and capacious phrases.

·        Dialogue. Providing a dialogue does not suppose essay writers to shape their texts as theatrical plays. Rhetorical questions are frequently used to create an effect of the polemic conversation between the author and readers.Unity of sense. Despite the freedom of composition, main points and arguments used in the essay have to be consequent and not arguing statements that show the writer’s position. Despite the free narrative form, the essay language should be perceived seriously. It is better to avoid using slang, shortages and too simple words

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