Facts about an online contraction timer

In case if you feel that you are proceeding to labor, then a contraction timer will help you figure out whether it is the right time to proceed to a hospital. With a calculator or stopwatch you can keep a count or frequency of the contractions but this cannot be precise. Though it proves to be a reliable tool for calculating their contractions. A lot of tools are there in the market which records contractions in an automatic manner. If the need arises you can download one and share it with your family or friends.

The procedure to use a contraction timer?

The moments you feel a sensation of tightness press the start button. This can be felt by the hand on your belly or even from your inside. This would mean starting of a single contraction. The moment your uterus is relaxed you can press the stop button. Once the contractions continue do repeat the process as this would enable you to check out intervals of contractions. 6 to 8 readings are needed which would figure out the length along with the frequency of the contractions. The length along with the frequency of contractions has a definite say in this regard.

The timing of the contractions?

You can time a few contractions. Start from the beginning of one to the end of the next. Once you have missed a contraction, do not start in the middle. Wait for one to get over and start with the next. If the contractions are true you will be aware when you are heading over to labor. The true contractions are one which occurs

  • Does occur at recurring intervals of time
  • Lasts longer and becomes stronger over due course of time
  • Does tend to increase in frequency
  • Even if you change positions they keep on occurring

With a baby contraction timer you can figure out the following points

  • The contractions tends to be 4 minute apart and they are known to last for a single minute
  • The same pattern is expected to continue for at least a couple of hours.

It is time to go over to the hospital when you are no long able to hold a conversation or relax in a complete manner.

Before you use an online contraction timer you need to distinguish the true from the false ones.  The true ones start at the back and then proceed to your abdomen. The false ones go by the name of Braxton Hicks. They take place only in the belly and do cause hardening a particular region of your belly. You are going to get 4 to 5 contractions in a single minute and they are going to disappear all of a sudden. But they do get longer and painful over a period of time. With the case of a false contraction it would prepare the body for the false days ahead. They are short or irregular in nature, but not painful in any manner. They normally emerge in the 5th month

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