Get Best Backup and Recovery Solutions for Data Disaster

If you have a business and present on the online cloud, then you need to get the best data recovery solutions which help to save your lost data. In the market, there are a wide variety of solutions available which provides the best technology to recover your lost data. If you are choosing the best solution for your business, then AS400 is one of the most incredible options for you. AS400 is one of the midrange servers which are specially designed for small and large business. This technology will work well in a distributed network with web applications.

For Recovery and backup, there is no required any kind of physical tape to store your data after disasters. But, with cloud400 backup solutions, you not only get the physical infrastructure, but you can also get the fastest speed of your recovery solution. It is one of the best backup technologies that save your backups of data and sends it through online to secure offsite data center.  For Cloud400 backup, you have to install a Virtual Tape Library at your locations.  There is no one point of failure with RAID, unlike traditional backup and recovery solutions. With the assist of AS400 Cloud Backup, you can get a faster and quick backup response.

It is one of the fully integrated solutions which is always ready to serve perfect services, and where everything from your data files to applications will be easily recovered to their infrastructure in the event of a disaster. With the assistance of their services, you can feel very confident and get 100% effective results. When you set up the VTL on your site, it will automatically replicate your data in their offsite data center. When a disaster is a strike on your business, AS400 is automatically swung into action and sends data over the internet within 6 to 24 hours.

After completing the restore data, it will work with you to connect your network. It is enabling to your employee, branches, and customers to your application and data.  If you are getting the help AS400 Cloud backup, then you can get various kinds of advantages. Here are some advantages of AS400.

  • It is one of the layered machine architecture and enables users to move towards new hardware technology at any time without any disruption — everything that can be saved on the system safely and you can easily find the required data without any knowing location of the database.
  • It is used the extra disk space and large space that can be added to the system and used without affecting the application and database.
  • The AS400 Cloud Backup is one of the great solutions which is easy to manage and use without any complete information. It also makes simple and easy to operate.
  • You can also grow your system and improve the system according to your business requirements. AS400 is one of the most incredible backup, and it is also flexible which you want.

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