Getting Your Health Secured With EHIC Card In Europe

As you travel to different parts of your country one of the concerns that entrap you is health. In a crisis situation a helping hand is what we look for and the European health renewal card is one such initiative. This card is enabling the EU countries to get medical facilities without paying a penny. However it is to be considered that this card does not serves as an alternative for any private healthcare costs. The EHIC card is given by the NHS to all the citizens who are residing within the European territory.

Eligible Applicants For The Card

The health insurance card cannot be accessed by anyone because it is applicable only to the EEA country. This health card will be provided to you on the basis of insurability under the legal procedure of European Union. Insurability of the card is not determined on whether you have paid your taxes or not rather it is totally based upon your insurability. If you have an EHIC card then it is important that you should have a proper knowledge about the E111 card renewal procedures.

Process Of Renewal

The validity period of the EHIC card is five years. You need to keep a thorough check on the validity period of your card before you travel. The card holders need to renew the cards six months before its expiry date otherwise it will be of no use.


  • Log in to EHIC webpage
  • Fill up the form
  • For non-EEA nationals family members, provide evidence for eligibility
  • For those living in abroad, they can renew their cards by contacting overseas healthcare team

A person has to follow the above mentioned procedures in order to renew their cards and get all the health benefits. In case any of your personal detail has changes then you cannot fill up online form until and unless you have the EHIC pin with you.

Some Considerations

It is often found that people are unable to understand the process of E111 card renewal and gets confused. The renewal procedure is made easier with online methods. A citizen of EU country is able to fill the form and get their card renewed within a short period of time.

Things To Remember:

  • While depending on online sources one need to be very careful about the validity of the sources.
  • There are some invalid sources that charge money from people who intend to renew their cards.
  • The EHIC online source never charges any amount for the process of E111 card renewal.

Therefore it can be concluded that getting a health card gives you a green signal that wherever you travel in your country your health is secured. This health initiative seems to be fruitful as it has safeguarded the lives of so many travellers who faced health issue during their tours.  One need to renew their cards on timely basis otherwise they will not be able to take its advantage. The EU citizen should always carry their cards before going on a tour as it is the only caring weapon accessed by them.

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