Hernia during the stages of pregnancy

Hernia is a medical complication when a portion of your internal organ protrudes. It does take place through an opening in your muscle. In your groin or abdomen region hernia normally emerges. To have hiatal hernia pregnancy complications is not uncommon if it is not that painful. But if you do not treat it can be fatal and painful health complications could occur. If you are suffering from hernia and trying to become pregnant it is important to let your doctor know. They can guide you about complications or treatment to lessen the discomfort. It really becomes important to attend a hernia as you should not be concerned about dealing with hernia when pregnant.


Hernia occurs because a weakness exists in the muscle wall that never grows together.  People are born with such a weakness rather than it developing for due course of time. Certain conditions too can have a role with tissue weakness. As muscles tend to weaken and stretch during pregnancy, chances of hernia increases at a considerable level during this phase. The main reasons of hernia are lifting heavy weight or putting on excess weight.

Symptoms of signs of hernia

Not each and every woman is going to face signs or symptoms of hernia when they are pregnant. Whereas in case of some it can be felt and seen. The real spot of hernia could be a lump when you are lying down. At the site of a hernia you could even go on to see a physical bulge, whereas some could be not that noticeable.

A dull pain occurs which becomes pronounced once you bend or bulge. As the baby becomes bigger some woman does face a lot of difficulty in moving around.


To fix a hernia surgery appears to be the only solution. To prevent organ from coming out, wall needs to be surgically repaired. Till the point any risk occurs during pregnancy it is advised not to opt for a surgery. Better to deal it after birth or even before full recovery has taken place. If you really feel that surgery is the only option it is better to get it done during the second trimester of pregnancy.


Little can be done in terms of preventing a hernia. The better news would be that during pregnancy hernia is not going to become enlarged. But if you provide good support at the site of hernia it would reduce discomfort to a considerable extent. One of the simple methods to be adopted is a hand and push method that you can adopt during pregnancy. At the same time cut down on physical activity which might force the hernia to become enlarged.

Hiatal hernia pregnancy symptoms might require you to take stock of the situation at the earliest. The bottom line is that keep away from surgery as far as possible. But in case no other option exists discuss with your doctor the preventive course of action to be done.

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