Home remedies to keep problems of dandruff at bay

Dandruff is a perennial issue that targets people from diverse age groups. Be it young and the old people cough up issue with dandruff. Before we get to the details of what are the reasons for dandruff let us get to the facts of it. Lack of proper diet, lifestyle issue and not being aware of proper hair grooming tips are the issues behind dandruff. In addition to the various products from ketomac Shampoo Company there are various home based remedies that you can try at your own end.

Lemon massage and coconut oil

Coconut oil would nourish your hair and without use of harmful chemicals lemon juice helps you to overcome issue with dandruff. To follow this home remedy

Fenugreek pack

An ideal home remedy for dandruff is Fenugreek seeds. Take care of the following instructions before you use this option


To deal with dandruff with this option might be a bit messy at home. How to use curd as a remedial measure to deal with dandruff would be as follows

Baking soda

To combat the issue of dandruff baking soda might be a viable option. Baking soda as a form of treatment option can be advocated as below

Tea tree oil

This is another effective option to deal with issue of dandruff at home. In order to exercise this option you need to follow the below given instructions

Do take into consideration that all these home remedies should be applied at recurring intervals to cash in on the benefits. Once you continue to do so you will witness the difference. You might be really happy to discover viable options for treatment of dandruff at your home. Coupled with this ketomac shampoo for dandruff would be a worthy option. Apply it 2 to 3 times a week and positive results are expected to emerge.

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