List of MBA colleges in Hyderabad

If you are looking to pursue a career in management and would wish to study in one of the top-most MBA colleges or B-Schools in Hyderabad, then read on. MBA has become one of the most popular management courses these days owing to the lucrative career, not to mention, the pay packages. Of course, most people would look to do their MBA in the prestigious IIMs.

Top MBA colleges and B-schools in Hyderabad

Most MBA colleges and B-Schools today are churning out multi-disciplinary graduates who are equipped with the right kind of skills such as analytical skills and accurate decision making. In that view, the Indian city of Hyderabad has its own set of popular B-Schools which produce dozens of MBA graduates with the passing of each year. However, the question is, are all of them fit to be at the top? If not, then which ones can be considered the right fit?

This exhaustive list brings to you some of the most prestigious B-Schools and MBA colleges in Hyderabad.

  • IBS or the ICFAI Business School

The ICFAI Business School was established in the year 1995 and has risen to become one of the top-class B-Schools over the years, not just in Hyderabad, but all over the country as well. With a top-notch infrastructure, and the bunch of talented staff, it is best-in-class when it comes to imparting knowledge-based education.

This rather well-known B-School has got 14 campuses spread out across the nation. And the Hyderabad campus, which is in the picturesque Cyber City of India is known for its accreditation by the AMDISA for being one of the first three B-Schools in the whole of South-East Asia. It has also got a SAQs tag or a South Asian Quality Assurance tag from the UGC, the University Grants Commission.

Furthermore, it is also one of the leading members of the Association of the Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or the AACSB, not to mention that it is one of the pioneering B-Schools to have got a grade of A** by CRISIL at the national level.

  • GITAM Hyderabad Business School

The GITAM Business School was established in the year 1977. It is an Autonomous Institute and has its campuses situated in Hyderabad as well as Vishakhapatnam, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The term ‘GITAM’ stands for ‘Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management.’

This university has on offer, a full-time, two-year MBA course and not to mention, a one-year, full-time PGDBA or a course in Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics. It also offers a Ph.D. program.

  • Aurora’s Business School

The Aurora’s Business School is situated in the Panjagutta area of Hyderabad and is a private B-School established in the year 2005. It has on offer courses such as the MBA or PGDM or the Executive versions of MBA and PGDM. Besides these, it also offers a lot of other courses such as a full-time PGDM course in Hospital Management and a PGDM in marketing.

This prestigious B-School has been ranked first among all the B-Schools, not only in Hyderabad but in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh/Telangana. It has also got a four-star rating by Career Connect for being one of the top-most B-Schools in the entire country.

  • St. Joseph’s Degree and PG College

This private college was established in the year 1997 and has a Grade A accreditation by NAAC. It offers a two-year, full-time MBA course and has been approved by the AITCE.

  • The School of Management Studies at the University of Hyderabad

This school of management or university, rather, was established in the year 1999 and offers its students a full-time MBA course, which lasts for a duration of two years. Apart from the regular MBA course, it also offers MBA in Business Analytics as well as MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management, both of which are Post Graduate courses, lasting for two years each.

  • Badruka Institute of Management Studies

The Badruka Institute of Management Studies is in the Kachiguda area of Hyderabad and is a private institution established in 1996. As far as the MBA or the PGDM courses that are on offer at this rather prestigious institute are considered, it has a full-time, two-year PGDM course as well as a correspondence course in PGDM in Information Technology, both of which are based out of the MAT cut-off scores.

  • The ISTTM Business School

A private B-School established in the year 2008 and situated in Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad, this B-School has a full-time PGDM as well as a full-time International PGDM course. Both the courses consider the CAT exam for the cut-offs.

  • The National Academy of Agricultural Research and Management

The National Academy of Agricultural Research and Management is a government-run institute, established in the year 1976. It has a full-time MBA as well as a PGDM course on offer. Like most other government institutes, this institute too considers the CAT exam as a base for its cut-offs for various courses.

  • The Siva Sivani Institute of Management

The Siva Sivani Institute of Management, established in the year 1992, and situated in the Kompalli area of Hyderabad offers a full-time, two-year MBA as well as a full-time PGDM course, and considers the CAT exam as a basis for the cut-offs for both these courses.

  • Dhruva college of management

The Dhruva College of Management was established in the year 1995 and has on offer, courses in MBA as well as PGDM in full-time. Like most other colleges and B-Schools in Hyderabad and across the country, this college also considers the CAT exams for deciding the cut-offs for the various courses that are on offer.

So, to sum up, this exhaustive list provides you the required information about some of the most prestigious MBA colleges or B-Schools across the city of Hyderabad.

MBA is no doubt a lucrative course that can give one’s career the kind of boost it needs, by grooming that said individual in the various aspects of business.

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