Accessories Or Clothes: Which One Of These Play A Major Role When It Comes To Street Fashion Looks


Clothes can be considered more of a fashion trend compared to a personal style, whereas accessories are 100% representation of our personal styling. Most people accessorize depending on their taste rather than following fashion trends. Both are an essential part of a perfect fashion look. However clothes or Dresses for women do seem to take all the attention. However, the trending of these Boho accessories, have made their presence felt because of the large sized stones and embroideries on them. You will see most of the beauty bloggers flaunting different types of jewelry. Outfits will only allow you follow a fashion trend and cover your skin, where as accessories add a personalized touch, while decorating and igniting life into your looks. I believe both accessories and clothes play an important role in glorifying your street fashion sense, but let me put a debate to justify our statement.

Importance of Accessories

Accessories are like the elements that can glorify a simple dress, by adding finish and a classic touch to it. It can be considered a decoration on women dresses. You can simply make out the importance of accessories by thinking how much time you spend while purchasing accessories. We usually spend way too much timeselecting an accessory as compared to any clothing item.

Accessories are a necessity today, required in every season. ‘Accessories’ is a broad term which comprises of everything from your hair clips to your handbags. So now tell me can you imagine living in a world with no hair clips or bands? These accessories allow us to experiment with our look. A dress can look good with loose hair, but it’s not necessary that all dresses will look good with loose hair. And here the accessories come into picture, which can really affect your look.

Accessories Define Occasion

Accessories can potentially define the occasion. Most simple solid clothing attires of women look stunning only when they are accordingly accessorized. Like different occasion demands you to dress up differently, you have to wear different accessories for such occasions as well. Mostly you will see people donning light casual jewelry, which reflects the essence of street fashion.

Casual dresses usually end up looking too plain and bland, because of their simplicity, accessories just ensure to put a little glamour in them.

Anyway, a person’s Street Fashioncan help you identify where the person is going, based on their outfit and their accessories. A person in their joggers with a gym bag will likely be hitting or coming from a gym, whereas someone, in her maxi dress with pearls around her neck, might be going on a lunch date. Street fashion is all about effortless clothing, where accessories just help in glamorizing these casual outfits to give you a high end fashion look.

Unlike Clothes they Are Recyclable

Accessories never go out of style. You can pretty much wear any form of jewelry with any dress or any other attire, and you will still manage to look good. You will see clothes and their patterns and styles changing in every season where as accessories just work out fine in every season. You don’t have to worry, about the trends or repeating them as they will look good on anything. Take scarf’s for example, you need them in summers to protect your skin from tanning, and in winters to add a warm shield on your skin.

Accessories are slowly getting more popular with time as more and more people understand their value and worth.Can you imagine yourself wearing ethnic attire without any jewelry, or imagine yourself wearing some of the most beautiful Dresses for women but without any jewelry. Or can you image running errands everyday without your bag. I don’t think so; glad we have made it clear that accessories are important.

Clothes VS Accessories

It’s just unfair to compare both fashion elements especially in the terms of street fashion, as they both play a significant role individually. However, clothes obviously take the price, considering that most people go for light accessories while walking around in the street. Even if you go through your celebrity street style images, you will come across the fact that most of us are either wearing no jewelry or have accessorized their look very precisely. While debating over the above question, we need to understand that we are talking about street fashion, which usually is all about chic and casual dress up. You will never see any one walking around the street in their finest gown with expensive jewelry. I don’t think anybody wants to get robbed like that.


Both clothes and Accessories are an important element of street fashion, and neither will look good without the other. You can’t imagine making a fashion statement if you’re a following an outdated fashion trend with the best of accessories and similarly thinking about looking good in any dresses while donning accessories that really don’t fit your outfit, will also make you look like a complete fashion blunder.Both these fashion components are essentially important to play their part. Clothing obviously takes the crown it is a piece of clothing that helps you cover your dignity, whereas accessories add style and personal touch in your overall look.

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