Peter Zieve Gives Back To The Community To The Best Of His Ability

The overall development and prosperity of a city tends to be largely dependent of the people who are responsible for running it.  The city council is one of the essential elements of local politics, and is known to be a key legislative body that governs a city. The city council of any region tends to be responsible for focusing on the major goals of the area, the planning for various projects to be developed there, while also highlighting diverse infrastructure improvements that the local community might need.  In today‚Äôs times, these improvements can range from community growth and strategic planning to land use and finances. Here are a few vital elements that a city council tends to focus upon:

  • Directing and controlling the business affairs of the region
  • Ensuring the overall good performance of the services and facilities offered in the region
  • Managing the elements of allocation of the finances and resources of a city
  • Determining various policies
  • Planning for the future needs and requirements of a city keeping in mind the betterment of the community

Mukilteo is an extremely beautiful city located in the state of Washington.  This city essentially lies at quite a close distance from Seattle, and is located just 25 miles towards its north. Mukilteo is predominately a bedroom community, featuring an employment base that deals with multiple types of manufacturing industries. Electroimpact is one of the key companies based in the city, and is known to be a major job provider for the local community. This company has been established Peter Zieve, a popular name in the local politics and business industry of Mukilteo. He is currently campaigning to be a part of the Mukilteo City Council. Mr. Zieve was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1954, and he has gone on to graduate from MIT.  He also has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. He at times even writes articles and blog posts for the USA Herald, an extremely popular news website.

Over the years, Peter Zieve has made quite a name for himself in the local community of Mukilteo. He essentially is known to have served the community and its people in multiple ways.  He used to be a board member of the Camp Solomon Schechter, and even served as an educational assistance for STEM career paths He has been a major contributed of several local academics, sports and cultural related activities and drives. These include local STEM programs, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, as well as Lighthouse Festival and Destination Imagination.  He had even contributed a  grand total of $200,000 to  the new Boys and Girls Club that was to be built in the region in order to encourage sports participation in the community.

In his political campaign, Peter Zieve ideally talks about promoting various specific and well defined laws for the purpose of augmenting the protection factor for the residents of residents of Mukilteo.

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