Recruiting New Employees: A Few Ideas

When it comes to finding new talent to add to your business and to enable your business to grow, it can often be best practice to use recruitment companies such as a PA Agency in London. However, for many, this is not an option, with a rising number of employees now seeking to have more input in their employee selection. It is with this in mind today that we are here to provide some great tips for bosses looking to hire new staff, with the ultimate intention of teaching as many people as possible about a large selection or recruitment methods and processes. Here goes:

Recruitment Tips

  • Contact mutual connections. If you are putting job adverts out on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, like more and more companies are choosing to do, it is a good idea to reach out to candidate‚Äôs mutual connections when show an interest. This will enable you to gather a better idea of what a person’s work ethics and skills are actually like.
  • Incentivise current employees to refer new talent. It can be a good idea to ask your current employees if they know anyone that they could put forward for your available role, offering a reward to anyone that puts a successful candidate forward. This is often a great way to find the best talent and employees only tend to put people forward that they know will shine.
  • Look beyond your location. When looking for new staff some business tend to make the mistake of only listing their job vacancy in the immediate vicinity. This is a huge mistake as some of the greatest talent in the UK are actually willing to travel and ever relocate for the right roles.
  • Interview as many applicants as possible. When looking to hire new staff it is important that you interview as many people as possible, even once you think that you have found a great match. If you simply hire the first person that you interview you could be missing out on some amazing talent.
  • Consider keeping job vacancies open. If you are looking to expand your team but are in no rush, it can be beneficial to have long-running job vacancies, this allows for the maximum number of applicants.

These are only some of the available tips that you can use to find great talent for your company too! If you would like more advice and guidance do not hesitate to reach out to your local recruitment agency today who will no doubt be delighted to help you!

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