Tips to Maintain your Swimming Goggles

Why should you spend money on replacing the goggles you use for swimming when you can easily prolong the life of your current ones? Check out this post to know five handy tips for maintaining your goggles for swimming in the topmost condition to make them last for a long time

Now that you have finally selected a pair of swimming goggles that perfectly meet your requirements; use them with utmost care to make them last for a long time. While swimming glasses are not really very expensive, why should you spend even a modest amount of money when the existing pair can easily last for years?

Moreover, apart from money, selecting the right pair of goggles for swimming is a time and effort consuming process. Now that you have made the purchase, do you really want to get into the hassles of selection again just because you didn’t take good care of your current goggles? Probably not.

If you want to prolong the life of your goggles, here are 5 handy tips that can help-

1. Never Let Anything Come in Contact with the Glass Lenses

You should never touch or let anything come in contact with the lenses of your goggles as this can degrade its visibility. Your fingers can have oil and dirt which can reduce the visibility of the glasses. Moreover, contact with fingernails, fingers, tools, or rough cloth can result in scratches too.

If the lenses have an anti-fog coating, wiping the inside of the lens with anything can also damage the same. Ultimately, this will not just damage the goggles but also result in poor visibility which can then cause eyestrain, fatigue, and irritation.

2. Cleaning the Glasses

So, if you cannot touch the lenses, how will you clean your goggles? Well, it is recommended that the lesser you handle the goggles, the better it is. But you will see that over time, dirt and even deposits such as salt and water residuals will start getting collected on the goggles.

A simple way to deal with this is to gently rinse the lenses, eye gaskets, and straps in fresh, cold water. This will not only prevent this build up of residuals but will also eliminate chemicals like chlorine. After rinsing, shake the goggles gently to remove the excess water.

3. Storing your Swimming Glasses

Once you are done with swimming, make sure that you always rinse the goggles before storing. After rinsing, let the goggles air dry but not under direct sunlight. The sunlight can cause the rubber straps to age faster.

Once the goggles are dry, store them in their original case or at least in a sunglass pouch to protect them from scratches.

4. Using Anti-Fog Spray

If you are a regular swimmer, you’ll see that the view from your goggles is not as good as it used to be after some time. Things will mostly appear foggy. This happens when the anti-fog coating of the glasses wears off. However, there are now anti-fog sprays available to reinstate the anti-fog property of the lenses.

You can look for one such anti-fog spray online. They are generally not expensive and very easy to use.

5. Purchase Good Quality Glasses

If you want your swimming goggles to last for a long time, there is no better way than purchasing good-quality goggles from a reputed online or offline store. If you are planning to make the purchase online, avoid standard e-commerce portals and prefer stores that deal with sports products and accessories.

This will help you get access to professional swimming accessories by top brands from all over the world.

Happy Goggles, Happy Swimmer

Just like many technical sports products, goggles for swimming are fragile. To provide them with a long, functional life, it is necessary to care for them in the best way possible.

Follow these tips to take care of your goggles and ensure that they continue to be your swimming companion for years to come.

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