Understanding the Seven Major Myths about Tattooing

Although an increasing number of individuals from all across the globe are getting inked every day, many still look down upon this particular procedure, and treasure a series of misconceptions regarding it. Now in the following write-up, I am going to debunk a few commontattooing myths, which we still tend to believe. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

  1. Cannot Donate Blood- If you have got your skin etched from an exceptionally clean studio where artistsuse highly sterilisedmachines; you can obviously donate blood without creating any sort of complication. However, make sure to wait for three months prior to indulging in such a practice.
  2. Consuming Painkillers Beforehand- You would never be able to alleviate discomfort by consuming painkillers prior to tattooing. Instead these supplements can increase chances of blood loss and slow down healing to a great extent. Thus, make sure not to take any medicine without consultation.
  3. Get Contracted HIV- According to the professionals working in a renowned tattoo parlour of Gold Coast, there have been no cases reported until now about contracting the deadly HIV from infected needles. To avoid any risk, no matter how little, schedule appointment with a licensed expert having credible reputation in the market. Are you
  4. Look Unappealing With Age-Many people do not get tattoos because they feel the design would look unappealing after they get old. Well, elderly individuals can also totally rock a body art. In case there are absolutely no regrets and you are confident enough, believe me age is just a mere number.
  5. Coloured Tattoos Cannot Be Removed- Black ink respond properly to laser removal and plenty experts have admitted that yellow, pink, and white colours are extremely difficult to get rid of. However, owing to the innovation of sophisticated techniques, coloured tattoos could also be removed but obviously take more sessions.
  6. More Painful Than Childbirth- This claim is utterly ridiculous because giving birth is no doubt more difficult than getting tattoos so much so that you should not even try comparing these two. According to latest survey, heavily inked people has said that needles penetrating for carving a specific design feel similar to a bad sunburn.
  7. Chlorine Can Fade Tattoo Colours- Although it is recommended to stay away from swimming pools when one’s tattoo is fresh, it has really nothing to do with chlorine fading colours. The ink used is deposited into the lowermost level of skin where water could not reach under any circumstance.

Have you been accepting the varied notions stated above to be true? Well, now you know that they are completely made-up and hence must not be paid much attention.  So, feel free to rejuvenate your outer appearance right away with an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful tattoo.

When picking artists, carry out a comprehensive research, seek specialised recommendations, and arrive at a decision with maximum caution because hastiness can pave way for a disastrous outcome.

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