Use Dentist Recommended Products To Maintain Bright Smiles

Human teeth and gums are sensitive and oral hygiene is very important. Both adults and children should brush, floss, and gargle every day. Modern technology assists them in the form of a reliable, rechargeable electric toothbrush. This motorized device oscillates and rotates with the assistance of battery power. It keeps the teeth clean, bright, and white.

Brush Categories

Toothbrushes can be categorised on the basis of their bristles. The three main types are soft, medium, and firm.

  • Oral hygiene products are used efficiently for better outcomes. The brushing has to be performed before a mirror in an active, enthusiastic mood.
  • The technique and movements are as important as the product. Patience is key for cleaning the inside and outside surfaces of all the teeth.
  • Soft bristles are generally recommended by all the reputed dentists. These brushes are efficient in removing plaque and stuck food.
  • Hard or firm bristled brushes are not very popular among the user. They have to be avoided by those who have sensitive gums.
  • Brushing is aimed at achieving teeth whiteness and oral cleanliness. However, The protective cover or enamel should not get eroded.

Classification Of Brushes

The toothbrushes are broadly classified into manual and electric models. Traditionally, Brushing and flossing with hands was sufficient for oral hygiene. But in modern times, The users have dexterity problems. The rechargeable electric toothbrush is a blessing for those who have difficulty in moving their hands-free. Arthritis patients also benefit from these battery operated oral products.

Manual – The manual brushes are basically stuck with bristles at one end. The user has to concentrate and apply the necessary physical movements. The elbow has to be bent and the arms and hands have to move around carefully. The brushing and guiding actions have to be performed manually.

Electric Powered – The battery-run brushes move automatically inside the mouth. The user only has to provide the guiding movements without much effort. The key to success is moving the brush over the frontal, side, and back teeth.

 Important Usage Tips

  • This type of toothbrush is effective only if it is charged and ready for use.
  • The charge level indicator lights should be checked before using the brush.
  • Use a good quality paste and never press hard or try to scrub vigorously.
  • Start with the outside surfaces and slowly guide from one tooth to the next.
  • Hold the bristles on each tooth for just a few seconds and then move on.
  • Cover the mouth and gum line, and graze the brush against tongue and palate.

Oral hygiene is an essential and daily activity for healthy teeth. Brighten the smile and drive away bad breath with a rechargeable electric toothbrush. Unlike manual brushes, The battery operated models move on their own. The user only has to provide guidance and hold the bristles against each tooth for a few seconds. Use only a charged brush, and floss regularly for strong, white, and long-lasting teeth. 

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