Werner Boehm Forgery Case

The world is filled with people who are at a place where they are responsible for the huge amount of money of other people and what they decide to with that amount of money is they decide to fraud those people with their money. The list of such people also contains the name of Werner Boehm who is a well-read and quite an educated person who misused his position to conduct a fraud of $225,373 on BitRush Corporation.This man Werner Boehm was a CEO at BitRush Corporation who misused his position and power with deceitful tactics to con the shareholders of the company. When the company got to know about his activities a special committee was appointed by the directors of the company to investigate the case. Later in the case, Boehm was terminated from the CEO of the company.

How The Investigation On Werner Boehm Was Conducted?

As you read above that a special committee of the board was appointed by the directors of the company and he was later terminated from the post of CEO of the company and then a Lawsuit was filed was against Werner Boehm. A number of inaccurate news releases were posted on the company’s website. All those inaccurate news releases on the website of BitRush Corporation also had false allegation against the former acting CTO of the company that he was blackmailing the company. There was also a false news release that Boehm called a special meeting of shareholders which was supposed to held on February 14, 2017. In this case, this was also said that Boehm has maintained a close relationship with two partners of the company who stood against the allegations put up on Werner Boehm.

How Werner Boehm Conducted This Fraud

The reports said that Werner Boehm was operating with a site of the United Kingdom which was actually used to host a large number of websites of other companies and register them in accordance to English Commercial Register. It was later found out that Boehm was CEO of most of these companies having a partnership with people close to the case. This was said that these companies have also tied up with those two people of the company who were standing against the allegations on Werner Boehm. One of such companies was named as MezzaCap Ltd. which was the one by which the fraud conducted by Boehm was caught eyes of the directors of the company and an inquiry was run over him. When the case was filed against him he was continuously denying the allegations put on him and he also made weak excuses by blaming many other people for this fraud. This case took a long run in the court and the judgment was passed in June 2018 in which Boehm was asked to pay the amount of 560,000 Canadian dollars to the company.

This case got a huge amount of media attention and in every hearing of this case, there used to be a huge gathering of media people to get new information about this case.

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