What Are The Different Types Of Islamic Dresses That; Are Worn By Women’s?

Islamic dresses are different from other religions and it has underlying religious precepts. There are different types of dresses that; Islamic women’s wear to give respect to their religion. Some of the dresses that; women’s of Islamic culture wear are given below:

1. Burka:

  1. This is the most common clothing item that; is worn in different parts of the world. This dress covers the women fully from top to the bottom.
  2. These dresses are attached with a Niqab from the top that; helps out women to cover their face and it has a cut out in the center so that; the women can see easily through it.
  3. This dress is worn by women’s for their own privacy and security or in front of any male member near them.

2. Kaftans:

  1. Kaftan is the dresses that; are worn by women and men to cover themselves properly. These are the type of dresses are worn by people from the time of Mughal Empire.
  2. These are the dresses that; are made from animal’s skin, wool, silk etc. and help out people to protect their bodies from cold.

3. Hijabs and Niqabs:

  1. Hijabs and Niqabs are the head coverings that; are worn by Muslim women on their heads and are also used to cover the face.
  2. Hijabs and Niqabs are the piece of cloth that; women wear in front of the male member other than their husband.
  3. These clothing items can also be worn by women during prayer time also. These are the head coverings that; give the women their own privacy and security. People can easily buy Hijabs, Niqabs and cheap Abaya maxi dresses online at cheap and affordable prices.

4. Ombrey:

  1. These are again the head coverings that women wear during prayers times. These are the head coverings that are rectangular in shape.
  2. Ombrey cover the head of women as well as drop on the chest and cover them also properly. There are so many different types of Ombrey that can be used by females such as Silk Ombrey, Wool Ombrey. Some of the Ombrey can be modified in scarf also.

5. Abayas:

  1. Abayas are the long maxi type dresses that are worn by women in winters to cover themselves. These are the Kurtis’s that Muslim and Islamic women wear to keep their bodies away from cold.
  2. These dresses are usually black and grey in color but now they are available in different types of colors and are embroidered from the top portion. Therefore, people can easily buy abaya maxi dresses Online for any type of occasions.
  3. Abayas are available in different types of stuff for different types of occasions.

6. Jilbabs:

  1. These are the long coverings that are used by women to cover their hands and head. These are the type of coverings that are usually used by women when going out in Public areas.
  2. These Jilbabs are worn by women over Abayas, kaftans etc.

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