Why Abu Dhabi City Tour is a must one

You must have heard a lot about the UAE. In a world of touristy and traveling, UAE can be called as a major tourist attraction. Most of the travelers find UAE the best place to go for in their vacations. If you don’t know about UAE much, let me tell you about this country and the emirates within it to you. So basically the UAE is the most famous country. It is an always upgrading nation which is all about making progress. This country used to have a lot of barren lands with the least number of activities. But now by the efforts of people, it has become the most popular tourist attraction.

Emirates within UAE:

There are a total of seven emirates in the UAE. Each emirate is very beautiful and comprises of places that act as a cherry to the cake for its beauty. You can find a lot of beautiful places in each emirate. But the question is that if you are visiting Dubai, so which emirate should be visited first? Let me answer it below.

The best emirate in UAE:

If we talk about the best emirate in the UAE and the first emirate to visit in UAE, so my answer to this thing is to visit Abu Dhabi. One who books their deal for Abu Dhabi City Tour will never regret their decision.Abu Dhabi city tour is the best tour one can ever go for. This tour comprises of places which are worth visiting. If a city is the capital of a country like UAE just think how beautiful it would be? Once you enter this city you will just fall in love with this city as well as with the places within this city. Let me give you a short description of all the places that should be visited in Abu Dhabi Tour.

Places that are a must visit in Abu Dhabi City Tour:

Every place here at Abu Dhabi is a must visit. Let me talk about each place one by one.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque:

It is the most beautiful mosque in Abu Dhabi. It is all covered by Islamic architecture. Visitors from all religions can visit this mosque. This mosque is a source of peace in your Abu Dhabi Tour.

Date Market:

It is the busiest and famous market in Abu Dhabi and is a must visit in your Abu Dhabi Tour. People from across the world come here to buy the best dates they could ever think of.

Corniche Beach:

The most beautiful beach to ever exist in Abu Dhabi to date. The beauty if this beach is the reason behind increased tourist attraction.

Heritage Village:

A place that represents the historical aspects of Abu Dhabi. It is a must visit for people who want to see the historical and cultural elements if Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari World:

A place that is full of unique and huge rides. You will get lost in the fun of these amazing rides.

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