Why M.Tech in Safety Engineering- Know the Scope, Course Overview, Eligibility

Where there is engineering, there are safety issues due to hazardous nature of machines employed to perform the various tasks of engineering. Especially in the industries based on mechanical engineering, the heavy equipment is employed and a division of engineers is deputed to create and ensure the safe work environment. Safety in industrial operations is always the utmost priority in any work environment. There are so many industries like, power management, construction sites, manufacturing units, factories, and various other industrial units that are vulnerable to accidents. In such a context, safety needs to be warranted and a team is employed to take care of this. Hence, the scope after M.Tech in Safety Engineering is endless and a rewarding career awaits the professionals with such degree.          

Scope with an M.Tech in Safety engineering Degree

The professionals with this degree are assigned with the responsibility of managing the safety needs of an organization by creating a secure environment for all the workers. Industries will never shut down their operations and they are innumerable in number- there is no denying this fact. In fact, the industries are growing in this age of industrial revolutions 4.0. Till the time there are industries, the scope with an M.Tech in Safety engineering Degree is countless. The major industries that hire such professionals are:

  • Power Plants
  • Construction Companies
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Petroleum Plants
  • Process Industry (FMCG & SMCG)
  • And many more 

It wouldn’t be an overstatement that the professionals for safety management can never experience the dearth of job options in this phase of industrial development.   

Eligibility for M.Tech in Safety Engineering

The eligibility criteria for M.Tech in Safety Engineering vary in different colleges. If we talk commonly, then colleges accept the students with 50-60% in their B.E./B.Tech degree for this course. Few of the colleges accept admission on the basis on entrance tests such as GATE score etc. The reserved categories usually get relaxation in terms of maximum marks criteria.

Course Overview of M.Tech in Safety Management

Right from the fundamental concepts to advanced method of environment, health, and safety management are the inseparable parts of the curriculum of this programme. The students get to ready safety in industry designs & operations, electrical safety, sustainable development study, risk analysis & management, etc. are the major subjects you study while pursuing M.Tech in Safety Management.   

Career Prospects with Safety Management

There are innumerable career opportunities available in public as well as private sector for the safety management postgraduates. Students, after completing their education in environment, health and safety management, occupy the following positions:

  • Safety Manager
  • Environment, Health, & Safety Manager
  • Project Manager- Safety
  • Quality Manager- Safety Standards   

If you are an engineering graduate and seeking for further education, then M.Tech in Safety Management should be on your list. But make sure to enroll for this course from a renowned engineering institution. This course is exclusive and offered by very few institutions. JK Lakshmipat University is a top-notch private university in Jaipur and such an institution where M.Tech in Environment, Health, and Safety is available. Go for it and embrace your future.     

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