Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Every marketer and entrepreneur has a genuine question on which strategy for marketing will give effective result for the long term. The real discussion many marketers face is which is the best and check for difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing. When we look into the difference between these two types of marketing, digital marketing always stays ahead. Digital marketing consists of a multitude of marketing options, including social media, SEO, mobile, etc.

Traditional marketing, on the other hand, includes business cards, notices, announcements, handouts, business promotions on TV and radio, print advertisements, etc. The objective of both is similar, but the method is quite different.

Let us now check the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing:-


Costing is the main difference between the two. An entrepreneur looks for budget marketing methods to ensure the result is good under budget. This is why they prefer digital marketing compared to traditional one. Advertising on TV and radio, print ads in daily newspapers and magazines cost a lot. Digital marketing, on the other hand, will cost you less, and the result is faster.

Result Oriented-

In traditional marketing, the marketer has wait for weeks or even month to get the result from the marketing. The process is quite slow, and so is the result of the same. Moreover, the result of traditional marketing is challenging to measure. On the other hand, the result of digital marketing can be accessed using tools. The process and reach is faster and so is the result from the marketing. With some efforts, creative ideas and tools, an online marketer can create marketing of the brand, and the effect is positive.

Tracking and Analytics

In digital marketing, the marketer by using Google Analytics and other tools can get the result about ad reach. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer a complete understanding of the tools and reach of the ad created. Google Analytics provides the result of the basic trend, incoming traffic, transformation rate, interest visitors, and bounce rate.

In traditional marketing, tracking of the ad is quite tricky and time-consuming. One needs to check the TRP and the reach of the specific ad created.

Easy Communication

Online platforms have a wider reach and faster communication. Forums, blogs, and videos are faster ways to communicate with the target audience. Facebook and Instagram have Live Video feature to interact with followers on a real-time basis. Traditional marketing solely has one-way communication. Moreover, the reply to the query takes time.


When you purchase an ad spot on TV or radio, you will not get information than the number of listeners in the target market. In the social media campaign, the marketer can create a completely custom audience of people to reach, or build an audience that has already visited your website. The best thing of marketing in the digital medium is you can reach out to the only target audience.

Customization Option-

If you want to target customer falling in a particular age group, you can customize your marketing strategy accordingly in digital marketing. Traditional marketing offers limited customization option. Once it is published, you cannot revoke it. In digital marketing, you can customize and even edit your marketing strategies. This will not only save time but also can manage your online marketing plans accordingly.


Although there are difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, both are equally important for a brand to reach out wider audience. Or you can learn the exact difference from a digital marketing course in Pune.