How do I check the status of a Southwest flight

It’s super easy to check your Southwest Airlines flight status. Knowing your options gives you the power to handle your trip plans without any trouble. Here are five simple ways to make sure your booking is verified and to guarantee a smooth travel.

Visit the Southwest Airlines website or use their mobile app to check your flight status. You can view all the details of your booking and any updates regarding your flight. subscribe up for flight status notifications through Southwest’s app or website. You will receive updates directly to your phone, keeping you informed about any changes to your flight schedule.

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Southwest Airlines Website: Easy Management of Your Reservation

Navigating through Southwest Airlines’ website to manage your booking is simple. Follow these ways to access your booking details easily

  • Go to the ” Manage Reservation”: Page Using your confirmation number and last name, easily access your booking details on the Southwest Airlines website.
  • View Your Itinerary: After logging in, find important information similar to your flight number, departure and arrival times, confirmation number, and passenger names. It’s each there for you to review.
  • Check Flight Status: In the” Flight Status” section, keep an eye on real-time updates about your flight. Stay informed whether your flight is on time, delayed, or canceled. This helps you be ready for any changes that might be.
  • Manage Your Booking: This user-friendly portal allows you to make changes to your booking, publish your boarding passes, update your contact details, and indeed buy extra services online. It’s a one-stop place for all your needs related to your travel plans.

By using these features on the Southwest Airlines website, you can easily handle your reservation, stay updated about your flight, and manage your trip details hassle-free.

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Southwest Airlines Mobile App: Easy Travel in Your Pocket

For travelers, the Southwest Airlines mobile app is a useful resource. Here is why

Convenience on the Go Download the app for easy access to your booking details wherever you are. It’s like having your travel plans right at your fingertips.

 Instant Updates: Choose push notifications to get quick updates about your flight. You’ll know if there are any changes to your gate, boarding time, or if your flight’s status changes all in real time.

Mobile Boarding Pass: Check in for your flight using the app and get your boarding pass right there on your phone. No need to print anything; it’s all digital. It makes the whole process smooth and eco-friendly, saving paper.

With the Southwest Airlines mobile app, managing your travel becomes simpler, with updates and your boarding pass just a tap away on your phone.

Different Options for Managing Your Booking.

Here are various ways to handle your Southwest Airlines booking:


Look for emails from Southwest Airlines that confirm your booking and contain your travel details. There’s usually a link to manage your reservation. If you can’t find it easily, use your email’s search bar to look for “Southwest Airlines” or your confirmation number. Emails give basic info but don’t provide real-time updates like the website or app.


If you prefer talking to someone or need help, dial 1-800-435-7923 for Southwest Airlines’ customer service. Share your confirmation number and ask your questions for personalized help.  Phone calls might be less convenient during busy times compared to using the website or app.

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Airport Information Kiosks:

Visit Southwest Airlines’ info kiosks near check-in counters. Use the kiosk to check flight details, including your flight status, and print your boarding passes. Kiosks might have fewer options than online tools and might have queues during busy hours.

Each method has its benefits, but the website and app give you more control and real-time updates for managing your travel plans.