How much does it cost to print a Spirit boarding pass?

If you prefer to check in at the airport or on your phone or tablet, this website provides all you need to know about Spirit’s check-in process. View all of the check-in choices accessible to you, including the start and end hours.

How to get a boarding pass on spirit airlines?

Booking in on the internet at is free of charge and the easiest way to check in and get your boarding pass. Check-in starts 24 hours prior travel and concludes one-hour prior flight.

This also serves as a good opportunity to purchase a seat allocation or at the last-minute luggage, as it will be cheaper internet than at the terminal.

Bags gained within 24 hours of leaving will be billed at the online registration rate, so get them early and save big money.

If you do not need to log in online, our airport kiosks are self-service and simple to use. Customer Service Officers can be reached at the terminal.

However, you may have to wait lengthier at our registration counters and printing each boarding permit costs $25.

Some guests may be unable to finish their registration online. If this is the case with you, make sure to check in at the departures or arrivals counter. Our Customer Service agent will happily guide you.

How do I sign into a Spirit Airways flight?

Booking in on a Spirit Airways trip is quick and simple. There are various alternatives for checking in, including on the internet, mobile, terminal kiosk, and in-person with a representative at the airline’s desk.

Checking in for the Spirit Airways flight.

  • Using the webpage
  • Through the mobile application
  • At the terminal’s check-in kiosk.
  • At the airline’s booth.   

Spirit Airlines’ Digital Check-In Method

You can browse the webpage as follows.

  • Visit
  • Please enter this kind of data in the boxes.
  • The last name of the traveler.
  • Please enter the verification code, which should be a 6-character alphanumeric sequence like ABC123 in received confirmation email.
  • Select the Check-In box.
  • Complete the time you arrived.
  • Once you sign in on the internet, you will be able to.
  • Check your travel plan.
  • Get a seat allocation.
  • Print and save the ticket for your flight.
  • Buy carry-on or checked items (at a lesser cost than at the airport).

How to buy spirit checked bag?

If you are viewing the booking more than 24 hours before leaving, simply visit to the My Trips page to follow the steps provided. To order extra bags, simply click the “Add Bags” link.

Spirit Airways’ Mobile Application for Registration

How can I use my cell phone to check into a Spirit Airways flight?

To check in using the Spirit Airlines mobile application, click the register option, log in, provide the required data, and follow the onscreen instructions.

After you check in, you may copy your passenger pass to your mobile device.

Spirit Airlines’ registration app allows you to.

  • Check in for the flight.
  • Booking flights.
  • Include luggage and extras.
  • Select/upgrade the location of your seat.
  • Check your flight’s condition.
  • print your mobile boarding permit.
  • View or track the Free Spirit mileage amount.

Spirit Airways’ Kiosk Register

You may check in for the flight using self-service versions tablet kiosks from three hours to forty-five minutes prior departing for flights within the United States and sixty minutes prior departing of international and U.S. Virgin Islands flights.

Using a Spirit Airways kiosk to.

  • Check into your flight.
  • Take a copy of the boarding card.
  • Check your travel plan.
  • Include bags and accessories.
  • Pick a seat.
  • Improve your seats.
  • Self-tag your luggage.
  • After signing in and receiving your ticket for the flight, you can put in your luggage at the Baggage Drop kiosk.


Travelers can get the details on how to get a boarding pass on spirit airlines by the above process. Have a look on it and check-in smoothly in the Spirit Airlines.