Importance of Metabolism Information

There has been much excitement about metabolism and how to use it effectively to steer weight loss. Well, the truth is not that simple though. On the contrary, it is important to look up the available Metabolism Information found in various sources to understand what it is and how it may help you. First, you have to know about the process and then utilize your body cells for benefit. It suffices to learn that metabolism may be defined as multiple chemical processes that go on in the body constantly. This keeps the body stable and functioning properly.

Metabolism Information To Know

The process of metabolism is intensely complex and may be categorized into two distinct parts namely:

  • Anabolism– This process is all about building the body tissues. It requires energy to trigger the process. This fuel or energy is obtained from the food you consume. It is interesting to know that if you eat more food than what is used as energy; you end up storing the excess as fat.
  • Catabolism– This is concerned with the breakdown of food nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fat to produce energy that is used for the repair of damaged cells and growth.

Both processes occur in cycles with one following the other thus ensuring bodily functions.

Metabolic Rate

The amount of energy used to fuel the body is known as the metabolic rate. It can further be divided into three components such as:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)- The energy required to keep the body functional can be calculated as the BMR. This is the energy that is used when the body is at rest. You will use energy to breathe, circulate blood throughout the body, and ensure hormonal balance.
  • Thermic effect of food (thermogenesis)- Digestion, absorption, and transportation of nutrients along with storage of excess nutrients is known as TEF. This accounts for the expenditure of 5% to 10% of energy.
  • Energy Used During Physical Activity– The amount of energy used during activity varies according to the type of activity. Energy is used not only for planned physical expenditures such as gymming and workouts but it is also used for everyday chores like washing, playing, and even standing.

Factors That Affect The BMR

The BMR is influenced by several factors. While you may attempt to control some of them, not everything can be managed as per your desire. The following determines the BMR required by your body when at rest:

  • Size-Your BMR will be high when you are a big person physically.
  • Age– Your metabolism will slow with age thereby making it harder to lose weight once you are over 40
  • Gender– Males have a faster metabolism in comparison to females
  • Genes– Your BMR is also influenced by your genetic disposition. You have no control over this aspect
  • Hormone Systems– A hormonal imbalance may result in a rapid metabolism rate or an incredibly slow BMR

It is advisable to go through Metabolism Information as available to understand how your body works.  It is also important to remember that trying to speed up the metabolism may not yield satisfactory results always.