Isuzu D Max Snorkel:  The Pros And Cons

Isuzu D Max Snorkel is engineered in Australia, which is made for fitting in D-MAX Second generation (2012-2020 Pre Face lift) Auto/Manual-All Cab Shapes\Sizes). Basically, this design is made to fit to the standard air box without any modification. This works as ideal safeguard against water and dust into the engine even when you are traveling in rainfall or crossing a river. A snorkel kit consists of 4” handcrafted high quality stainless steel along snorkel with laser cut stainless end cap, all fitting hardware, and guard template.

Snorkels are installed in vehicles and craft, tanks, and submarines. Before world War1 it was not used much, but after World War 1 the use of this product has increased to a notable amount. It serves the unique purpose of supplying engine with air, free of water and contaminant. These days, this product has become very demanding. The highly noted pros and cons of this product are mentioned below- 


Cold air induction system- Isuzu D Max Snorkel serves cold air induction system which provides fresh air to the engine. We know the more efficient combustion is based on highest air and oxygen flow into the intake manifold. Consequently, the availability of cooler air inflow maximizes the engine’s power and torque.

The Air Ram-The product is made with three distinctive compartments, 1. air ramp 2. The Body 3.the cleaner. Air ram traps air which rotates violently, create a cyclonic effect helping the heaviest particles to be ejected out. They stuck in the vertical ribs of air ram and air pressure take part here to push out the fine particle from the base of the ram that are not ejected by the vehicle air filter. The air ram, which is featured by curved roof, positioned in close proximity to the hood of vehicle exerts better result.

The Body-The body of the Isuzu D Max Snorkel comes in two different varieties, which are induction body and non-induction body. In case of induction body entering air slows down because of large volume of plenum chamber. In that place air buffers becomes available for the air box with positive pressure, so that the engine management system can use it readily. The non-inducting body passes the air down directly to the hood tubing and ducting into the air box increasing the efficiency and engine performance.

The Air Cleaner-There are two types of air cleaners fitted to Isuzu D Max Snorkel, which are flat air cleaner and cyclonic air cleaner. Both are adjusted by paper filter which reduces particles down to 30 microns while other filters manage it up to 40 to 50 Micron. The risk of the damage to the engine is increased exponentially by the lager particles. To avoid this loss Isuzu D Max Snorkel is highly recommended.

CONS: Though product is well featured with air ram, air cleaner but they exert different performance according to its quality because it has varieties of price range. However, if you compare its advantages with the cons the cons are not even noticeable.

It is beneficial if you purchase Isuzu D Max Snorkel to improve a cars performance regarding its engine speeds. It also decreases fuel consumption and increase engine power to maximum extent. Once installed 4WD, it can be a better performer. Moreover, it will protect the vehicle. Even it can survive through higher floods. It will ensure the guarantee of, that your car won’t face any mechanical or electronic damage. The customers are highly satisfied with this product. Now this product has created a place for itself and the company is getting much order as customers are showing interest being impressed by the wonderful features.