One of the best driving schools in bankstown

MD Driving Lessons is one of the best Driving Schools in Bankstown. This driving school is a New South Wales Roads & Maritime Services accredited driving school. They train drivers of all ages from beginning to test preparation. Either you are a fresh beginner, intermediate learner or someone who want to get back to the road after long break, you can contact MD Driving Lessons. Some people feel nervous at the driving seat. Some loose confidence and develop some kind of driving phobia after committing an accident. Some people are reckless and over confident drivers. Some ordinary drivers want to upgrade their skills with new road rules. Regardless of any circumstances, they have tailored training packages.

Masud, the instructor at MD Driving Lessons is one the best driving instructors in Bankstown area. He is a professional, highly educated, well-mannered and passionate driving instructor. He likes teaching his students with unique method. During the driving lessons, he will cover all the areas of driving including safe driving skills. You will learn some common topics like vehicle control, moving, steering, scanning, reverse parking, kerb side parking, three point turning, speed management, road positioning, lane change, decision making, respond to hazards and last but not least – test preparation.

The vehicles used for training are all safety dual control installed, insured and RMS compliant. The price is very competitive. You will get real on road training. Your lesson will start at low traffic zones. Gradually you will be taken to medium to high traffic areas, high ways, motorways, country roads etc. Driving in adverse weather and night driving is also welcome. You will learn some common mistakes those you should avoid at all time. Once you gain enough confidence, you will be prepared for the driving test. They also provide their training car for driving test.

Currently their service is available in Bankstown, Greenacre, Punchabowl, Wiley Park, Lakemba and surrounding suburbs.